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Sent to members on December 1, 2017

A cool tool that makes life easier

Putting an emoji into an email subject line can sometimes increase your open rates. It isn’t something you’d want to overuse since your subscribers could begin to ignore it, but there are times when having that emoji in there can cause a spike in opens.

But, it can be a geeky nightmare to insert an emoji into an email subject line. Obviously, you can’t insert an image icon there. It has to be some special code.

The first time I tried it, it didn’t work out AT ALL. 🙂 I tried to use some unicode character string to do it. In my test, it worked. So, I proceeded to send it out to my whole list. Well… bad idea. 🙂 Most of my subscribers saw a bunch of junk in the subject line rather than the emoji!

But, there’s an easier way.

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I recently came across EmojiCopy.

The site is super simple. You have a big library of emoji to choose from. Click on it, click the copy button. It copies to your clipboard, which you can then paste anywhere you want. Like, your subject line.

The site is totally free and just a valuable little tool to keep in your browser bookmarks.

OK, stay awesome. Have an awesome weekend. 🙏

– David

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