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Custom Awareness (Part 3 of 5) ~ The Daily x

Back to our customer awareness scale. We’ve talked about the hardest of all: unaware. Then, we talked yesterday about where most of our work begins: problem aware.

Today, let’s talk about the next level up: solution aware.
When one is solution aware, then they would know a solution if they saw it. He knows he would want it. He doesn’t know about your offer. He is aware, typically, that such products exist. He may have even looked at some before, even if just casually. But, they’re not aware that you have a solution for them.

So, you have 2 goals at this point:

  • Get them to connect with you so that you can move them further on the scale. In other words, get the opt-in.
  • Show them that there are solutions and that you are a provider of such.

Now, in practice, this is typically done simultaneously with your content designed for problem aware people.

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You make the connection by talking about the problem. You then present solutions. And then offer a further solution (often a lead magnet) for opt-in.

Content produced for people who are solution aware would have the goal of showing people that YOU are a provider of solutions.

You’re not talking about your offer yet. No sales. No prices.

Instead, you’re positioning yourself as a provider of solutions. Of value.

Give them some kind of solution. A tip. A strategy aimed right at the problem they want to solve. Then, in the end, give them a call to action to connect further. Something simple like “Hey, if you liked this, then you’ll like my webinar/ebook/checklist to help you do blah. To grab it, just go to”

See… without talking about anything you sell, you’ve slipped yourself in there as somebody who provides solutions to their problem.

And they’re connecting further with you because that freebie will be an opt-in.

But, value first! Lead with value.

Once they’ve raised their hand to see your webinar, download your lead magnet or whatever… then it is OK to present your paid solution.

Don’t jump the gun.

Your blog should only contain content designed for problem aware or solution aware people. Pretty much all the content you produce publicly is for this purpose.

Once the person moves beyond solution aware, then any content they see is typically not going to be on the blog. It will be in the email. In webinars. In landing pages.

This is all the stuff I’ve referred to in the past as the “business machine”. It is the stuff which makes up your sales funnels. It is stuff the general public will not generally see until they are a subscriber.

Ya with me?


Tomorrow, we’ll move into the next one. Product aware.

This is where you start talking about actual offers.

– David

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