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Sent to members on October 20, 2017

He was dreaming of the same idea – FOR YEARS

So, there’s this guy I’m connected to and he has a business idea. Recently, I was watching him talk about this idea on Facebook and I just could not help myself from chiming in.

See, I’ve been connected to this guy for years. And he’s been talking about this same idea – for YEARS. But, all this time later, pretty much nothing has happened on it.

Every time he talks about it, he is floating these grandiose ideas of how HUGE it is. Big dreams of millions of paying customers. He thought he would have the thing up to a six-figure monthly income within 6 months.

Yet…. nothing.

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But, THIS TIME… it would be different! He said.

Also every time I saw it mentioned, he was always waiting for something. He needed a business partner. Specifically a woman (he felt that his particular idea required that). Almost as if nothing could happen until he had this other person.

Between you and me, he was clearly looking for somebody else to make this idea happen. Because, all he was doing was dreaming. He was figure-figuring and convincing himself how awesome the whole idea was, but he was doing nothing at all to make anything happen and, in his mind, he needed this other person to basically be the missing link and make it all happen.

Honestly, I wish him the best. I gave him some advice to try to correct his line of thinking in terms of defining his market, etc. I gave him a few of the foundational principles I teach to my Lab students about defining his market, identifying his transformation, etc. Cuz he clearly was too busy dreaming to think about any of it and it showed.

But, between you and me, I don’t think he’s going to change.

He’s a dreamer. Not a doer.

You ever met people like this?

See, there are 3 components that go into most things in life. They are… BE… DO… and HAVE.

All 3 are important. But, some people get imbalanced on them.

Some people get too focused on the BE, at the expense of DO and HAVE. These are the people who dress the part, spend time messing with their logo or their letterhead, or worrying about registering an LLC before they’ve ever done anything real.

Some people get too focused on the HAVE, at the expense of BE and DO. They’ll dream of all the stuff they’ll be able to do with all that they’ll have, but it usually remains dreams. These are the guys who usually talk about how much they’ll have in a very short amount of time, without much thought to what is required to actually make that happen.

Some people get unbalanced on the DO and they’re so busy frantically working their asses off… but with little to no direction. Because, they’re not in the right BE and hence don’t HAVE what they truly want.

If you want to have, you have to be a certain person, which means doing certain things.

This guy wasn’t being an entrepreneur. He was being a dreamer with grandiose visions of what he wanted to be and have. He only paid lip service to the DO, or he was looking for a partner to do it all. He was waiting for things external to him to align… so that anything could be done.

If you want to succeed with any business idea, your blog… hell, pretty much anything in life, then….

  • What do you want to HAVE? Then…
  • What do you need to DO to produce it? And then…
  • Who do you have to BE?

It all goes together.

– David

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