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Sent to members on May 18, 2018

I messed up the name of my business?

Let me start off with a little confession…

There are times I wish I hadn’t named my business the Blog Marketing Academy.

The reason is because of that word “blog”. The word “blog” has a lot of baggage. A lot of ideas of what it entails that are rather stuck and outmoded.

I mean, it’s weird that a business called “Blog Marketing Academy” has, as one of its first things inside the training, to tell people to stop blogging and don’t focus on the blog at first. It is because a “blog” has that baggage. The baggage of lotsa lotsa writing. Of publishing new stuff a lot. Of thinking about things like fans, audience size, readers, followers.

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Not that those things are bad, but it isn’t what works across the board. And it isn’t really what I do. I’m not here to teach people how to get famous and build up a bunch of fans. I’m here to show people how to build online businesses. We’re talking customers… not fans.

And, I’m big on CONTENT marketing. That content can take many forms. For different purposes. And to see the big picture, one has to be free of the mental baggage and expectations that typically come along with that word “blog”.

But, “Content Marketing Academy” is a little long for the tooth. 🙂 Besides, somebody owns it. Whatever. 🙂

What does the “big picture” look like for blog marketing?

How DO you make money with a blog? How do you use a blog to market a business?

What I figured I’d do is roll back to some basics here. And, even if you’re not exactly a newbie, you may get some aha moments here, too.

The purpose here is to see the big picture of what we’re actually doing here when it comes to online marketing. And how all the pieces fit together. It is easy to focus on mechanics without the big picture. That’s when it is easy to get overwhelmed. Or to waste time on stuff which doesn’t matter.

Starting Monday, I’m going to cover different stages of the marketing process.

We’re going to dive into the mindset of the person we’re looking to reach. The person we’re looking to attract and sell to.

And we’re going to talk about what fits where.

When do you use a blog post? When might you offer a lead magnet? A webinar? When is it appropriate to make an offer?

How does the blog, the emails, the landing pages, the videos… all work together?

It starts off with a basic concept that one can find in a book which, surprisingly, now sells for over $279 on Amazon. I’ve seen it go for close to a thousand. For a freakin’ BOOK!

But, in that book is a concept that talks about the big picture. We’ll discuss it next week.

See ya then. And have a rockin’ weekend.

– David

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