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Sent to members on April 24, 2018

One of my BIGGEST frustrations

I’m going to share with you one of my biggest frustrations.

See, at the core, I am an educator. My job is to help guide my students here at the Blog Marketing Academy on their own transformation toward a proven, profitable online business. To do that, I of course create training content.

Now comes my frustration…

It bugs me when I see people buzz through the material as fast as they can. The reason it bugs me has nothing to do with me… it has to do with them. Why?

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…. because I know that that approach is likely going to lead to failure.

I had one person just recently who purchased the Business Building Bootcamp. Told me they had stayed up until 5AM watching and reading everything. Now, on one hand, I have to admire the dedication. 🙂 But…

The Bootcamp has a lot of things in it that one has to DO. In a certain order. Those actions take a little time… with the goal being, you know… business building. 🙂 And one thing I know is that staying up till 5AM and consuming those videos meant they hadn’t done a single ACTION that I talked about in that series.

Now, it isn’t often I have a student binge-watch my stuff like that. But, it does happen more often than I would like that I have students who seem way more interested in watching videos and checking off things on the courses than they are actually DOING the stuff I speak of.

Why the hell?

I mean, they’re only hurting themselves by doing it that way.

Another student lamented to me about how another course they enrolled in (not from me) was being “drip fed” to them, meaning released in weekly installments rather than all up front. Because this person wanted to just consume the content. See, as an instructor, I know that one of the benefits of a drip feed is that it is a little something to try to inspire action. You’re supposed to use that week to APPLY the stuff in the videos, not to sit there and wait around for the next batch!

I don’t drip feed the courses in The Lab, but maybe I should consider it.

What gets me, too, is when people will tell me how they purchased certain courses in the past, but… “they didn’t work for me”.

I’m willing to bet money they didn’t actually do what was taught in the course. Obviously it isn’t going to work for you if you don’t do the work!

You know, even our latest discussion here in The Daily about flow, yes/no decisions and maybe’s applies here. Because…

When you binge watch online training course videos and don’t DO the stuff talked about, what you’re actually doing is letting a BIG OL’ PILE of MAYBE’s stack up!

It is a bunch of pending action… just STUCK there. A bunch of ideas you might have gotten. Maybe even an “aha” moment. But, then if you didn’t actually DO anything (the yes/no decision), then it STICKS there.

No results.

And then, the more you do that across multiple training courses, the more those maybe’s stack up. The more you get crapped in by a sea of confusion and overwhelm of your own making.

You’re killing your success when you do that.

And you’re just wasting money, too. Because, if this is your habit, trust me…. buying that next training course isn’t going to be the magic bullet, either.

The way to make progress is to balance out consumption with production.

Watch the video (or read the module, whatever)… then stop and do the work.

I know that that part is scarier. It is more of a maybe. It is easier to just watch a video and mark it as done. Makes you feel like you’re doing something real.

But, you’re only hurting yourself if that’s where things end.

– David

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