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Sent to members on December 31, 2018

One of my own big realizations…

One Of My Own Big Business Realizations

Are you pretty good at coasting through life?

I must admit… I am. I’m VERY good at it. I’m really good at the ol’ “steady as she goes” mode. Keep moving along on the track I’m on and I keep things moving along really nicely. I’m good at that.

But, is that enough?

As we are about to say adios to 2018 and head into a new year tonight, it is a useful exercise to look back and really take a look at your mindset for the last year. Did 2018 just sorta… go by? Did 2018 just happen to you? Was 2018 a year of “steady as she goes”?

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One thing I’ve realized is that while I’m good at keepin’ on, the REAL progress is made when you’re actively CREATING. Like… really being the artist of your own life. Your own business.

What does an artist do? They create realities. Whether it be with a brush, a pencil, or even a computer… an artist is creating new realities. They imagine a reality… and they make it real within the medium of their work.

We, as entrepreneurs or even just budding online business owners, need to be doing the same thing.

We are born to CREATE. It is what we do. And the moment you stop creating is the moment you start dying.


Here is something I wrote up a few years back and I thought I would re-share…

What is clear to me is that I reached a point in my entrepreneurial life where I had lost sight of WHY I was doing this. I lost that “spark”. And I wasn’t CREATING anymore. I wasn’t actually creating any kind of future, but instead I was just kinda living. I think most of the world lives this way, but it certainly isn’t the way I want to be.

That’s what burnout for an entrepreneur looks like. And I don’t want any part of it anymore. It is just a recipe for mediocrity.

The good news is that all that is required to change something like that is a change of mind. There are those who believe that your past dictates your future. To be blunt, they’re full of shit. The world bends to our will… the problem is most of us aren’t exercising our will. So the result is that life just happens.

The solution is to CREATE. To actively CREATE what we want. And, as an entrepreneur, I need to spend as much time in that creative mode as I possibly can. For much of 2014, I allowed myself to not exist in that space. I had gotten too concentrated on the next task, the next thing to check off my list.

So, my question to you is…

What are YOU going to CREATE in 2019?

What new reality will you DECIDE you wish to create… and create it?

It doesn’t all have to be business, BTW. I mean, I spent a good chunk of 2018 traveling around and creating awesome memories with my wife and kids. Those trips will be things we will talk about when my kids are grown. True “once in a lifetime” kind of things, since my kids will only be this age once.

But, in 2019, my wife and I are changing mode and focusing more on finances and internal matters. And for me, that means a lot more CREATION right here at the Blog Marketing Academy.

I’ll be the “artist”… creating a reality I envision with the Blog Marketing Academy being my canvas.

Anyway… a viewpoint I wanted to share with you as we end off the year. 🙂

And BTW…

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– David

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