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Sent to members on March 5, 2018

A personal request

OK, here’s why today’s Daily is going to be short and sweet.

Because, I want to turn the tables and hear from you.

See, I sit here every weekday and I write these emails for you. And I see my open rates. And sometimes, some of you hit the reply button and we hear from you. And, yes, I also see some of you unsubscribe from time to time.

But, this whole Daily thing isn’t supposed to be a one-way flow. It isn’t supposed to be me lecturing you every day. 🙂

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When I sit down with my cup of coffee to write a Daily for you, I am imagining you on the other end. I’m thinking about what YOU want to see? I’m thinking how I can best help you, given the format of this newsletter.

And, this kind of thing simply doesn’t work unless communication is TWO ways. Sometimes, I need to flip the script and get you to talk back to me. 🙂

And I’m OK asking for it. I know this whole internet and email thing makes content a commodity. I know you probably get a poop-ton of email (and yes that’s a technical term). You probably look at a lot of other blogs. And you probably also drink from the firehose of social media, too.

It’s easy to get into the commodity mindset. All content looks the same. All “gurus” are the same. Hell, you might not even look at us content creators as human sometimes.

But, I’m a dude with a certain expertise. And I am in the business of helping others based on that expertise and experience. Some of what I do I charge money for. Much of it, I do not. This Daily is one of those things. I get up every morning and come into this office looking to make this Daily as useful as I can… for those of you on the other side of this little email pipeline we’ve got here. 🙂

So, it’s your turn.

I’ve got a survey for all Daily readers – and I’d appreciate a couple minutes of your time to take it for me. I’ll be here checking on your responses throughout the week, reading every single one.

I like to ask people to just reply, but that’d be chaotic as hell and it’d probably shock my wife (Malika) who handles the support inbox for me. 🙂 So, I’ll just use Google Forms and collect your responses, all organized like.



So, over to you.

I look forward to reading from YOU today, via that survey.

Tomorrow, we’ll kick back into normal gear here.

Click here to Take The Survey

– David

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