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Sent to members on January 24, 2018

Pure gold!

It is easy to choke on ideas.

Especially if you read alot. Blogs, books, etc. (oohh… I need to say something about that. Tomorrow. 🙂 )

It is so easy to read all this stuff and get so many ideas that the result is…. paralysis.

Nothing happens, despite you kinda knowing what you need to be doin’.

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It would be like starving in the middle of a grocery store. It makes no sense.

Here’s an idea to maybe help you stop choking on ideas…

Most likely, your list of things to do to build and grow your blog-based business is pretty long. And the list just gets longer every time you read a post, listen to a podcast, watch a video, etc.

There’s a whole culture out there of continual CONSUMERS of content. All these people just reading, looking for quotes and ideas. When they see one that gets a rise outta them, they call it “Gold!”. “Pure gold!”.

Is it, now?

If that blog post is “pure gold”, does that mean you apply every word of it and get the results talked about?


Did you just add it to your pile of ideas, never to get done.

Look, I don’t mean to float my own boat here, but the Blog Marketing Academy is chocked full of “pure gold”. I’ve had people call it that. But, you have no idea how often I talk to people who aren’t doing any of the stuff I even talk about in the free content.

So, here’s an idea. Try it on for size.

Keep a task list. Whenever you get a new thing you want to do to move the needle in your business, add it to your list.

Be sure to break each task up into sub-tasks until each item is something that you could do in a short amount of time (no more than an hour or two, ideally).


Perform ONE of those tasks per day.

Only one.

Don’t get carried away here! 🙂

Just do one of those tasks from your list.

So, let’s say on that whopper list you have of good ideas for your site, one of them was to tweak the opt-in form on your sidebar. Great… do that task today. That’s it. Nothing more.

Was one of your ideas to set up a split test? Great…. do that. Then, stop.

Do one expansion task per day.

Every day, move the needle a little bit forward.

Make this your benchmark. It’s your daily expansion task.

Even if you keep reading all those blog posts and listening to those podcasts, you take that time to do that ONE expansion task each day.

Can you do this?

Sure you can!

You got this.

– David

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