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Sent to members on January 30, 2019

Should we continue?

Should we continue?

So, we’ve been running this series on our blog marketing tech stack for a little while now. Today will be part 11 of this series on The Edge.

Quite frankly,  it is about time to wrap things up. But, as I was finishing up the tech stack diagram over the weekend, I realized just how much ground we could still cover.

Here’s what this bad-boy looks like now:

And since I know that it can be hard to see things here in email…

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I added quite a bit to our stack in order to complete it. And it would take several more issues of The Edge to walk through it.


Should I?

I am going to be putting together a full guide on the Blog Marketing Academy which walks through this whole thing. In most ways, the blog is actually a better platform on which to do this.

So, instead of writing you a whole new article today where we simply keep on walking through this entire tech stack, I’m going to end with a question.

Do you want me to continue talking about the blog marketing tech stack here on The Edge?


Do you think we should stop? I’ll prep up the on-site guide on this. And you and I move onto some new things here in The Edge?

You can “vote” by clicking on one of these 2 links:

Continue With The Tech Stack Series


Let’s Move On And I’ll Read About It On The Blog Later

Either link will just take you to the blog, so there’s no shenanigans.

OK, let me know. I’m listening.

– David

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