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Sent to members on December 13, 2017

That worked out well

Sometimes we do things that really work out well. Where we get great results.

But then…

We can fall off the wagon and not keep doing it. Even though we KNOW it works!

One example from me… webinars. I’ve made a fair amount of money doing webinars. I once did one where I made about $20K in one night (that was actually a record for me, so don’t go off thinking that’s normal). But yet…

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I’ve been quite irregular about webinars. It isn’t part of my routine. So, even though I KNOW they work, I fell off the wagon.

Thing is, when we find that something works, that’s the time when it is best to systematize it. To make it a habit. To build it into your routine.

Sometimes, the thing that works is big… like a $20k webinar. More often than not, it is something relatively small, but yet effective. For instance, I’ve also had success using Google Calendar to track my time retroactively. It helps me be more accountable to how I spend my time and actually makes me more productive.


If we don’t TRACK our successful actions, we can tend to forget. It is almost like operating with no memory.

So, here’s something I recently started doing…

In a past issue of The Daily, I talked about how I’m a daily user of Dynalist. I freakin’ LOVE this tool. I love making lists and this thing is a list tool on steroids. You can make multiple documents and do all kinds of things.

Well, one of the documents I recently started up is just called “Successful Actions”.

It is nothing but a list of things that I’ve done that worked.

With the point being that I have a memory now. One that isn’t inside my head… because keeping things in your head is a recipe for overwhelm.

And… I can then take the time to systematize those things that work into my daily routine.

More of the things which work, and less of the things which don’t.

Every day is a learning experience, right? But, it won’t be if you don’t take a minute to digest and process what worked and what didn’t. And have a place to record it so you can do something about it.

I like Dynalist, but you don’t have to. You can keep it in Google Docs, Evernote, whatever floats your boat. But, give it a try.

– David

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