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The Art Of Being Repetitive

The Art Of Being Repetitive

When you’re out there doing content marketing, you’re eventually going to get struck with a feeling…

“I keep saying the same thing over and over again.”

Trust me, it happens. In fact, it can even make you grow a little weary. If you’re not careful, you can begin to wonder whether anybody is listening. Whether they’re seeing your content. Whether what you’re doing is making an impact.

But, all that is just you having tunnel vision.

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I’ve struggled with it. I’ve wondered before if I needed to bother saying something again. “But, I already wrote about that”, I said.

But, that’s me being stupid. Today, I don’t think about it anymore.

Sure, from my perspective, I talk about the same things repetitively. Some of the basics, I feel like I’m a broken record sometimes.

But, this goes with the territory. The basics are the basics… and the basics bear repeating. Not only that, but while I might think I keep saying it over and over, most readers don’t know that.

I mean, we all have to take a slice of humble pie here. 😉 We pay attention to ourselves all the time, but the people on our blog… don’t. They’ve got their own things going on. They’re asking questions of the things they are wondering about. So, you answer them even if you’ve said it a thousand times before.

It is new and relevant to them… even if it isn’t for you.

Now, are there some ways to simplify it and systematize it? Yes.

Perhaps write a blog post that answers those questions and simply link to it in an email.

Perhaps set up an FAQ that answers common questions.

Those things can help. But, the point I’m making today is simple…

Don’t ever make THEM feel as if you are bored with being repetitive. It is new to them. Answer them anew… every time.

Being repetitive and answering common questions over and over again is part of being an authority.

You will be – and should be – repeating yourself often in your content, your social media posts, and your emails.


– David

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