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Sent to members on June 13, 2019

The ONE Thing I Recommend You Do For Every Blog Post

After you publish a blog post, what do you do with it? How do you let people know about it and get traffic?

Most people do the easy stuff, including:

  • Share it on social media.
  • Email it to your list
  • Sit back, cross your fingers and hope Google graces you with the magic. 😉

And then… the process repeats. Write another post, do the same thing. All with the hope that if you do this enough, your community will grow and good things will result.

Now, if you’re blogging for giggles, you just keep on doing that. I mean, it’s a hobby. If you don’t make any money with it, you don’t really care.

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However, if you’re doing this FOR BUSINESS, then things are different. This isn’t just “blogging” anymore. It is content marketing. And, every piece of content that you produce is there to serve a purpose. Every blog post is built strategically to do a few things:

  • Attract valid prospects for your business.
  • Give them value and answer their questions, thereby moving them a little further up your value ladder and toward the awareness that you are one who provides solutions.
  • Gets them to take their next step – usually to opt into your list

Then, from there, your business machine takes over.

So, your mindset for the creation of blog content is different. Your end game isn’t the publishing of the blog post. Your goal is the results you will get from that blog post.

That mindset is key. It isn’t JUST a blog post. It is a marketing asset.

And, like any asset, it needs to provide value back. You want a return on the investment from that asset. You want it to rise in value. You want the benefits to last for awhile, too.

If you just publish a blog post, do the low-hanging fruit crap to get traffic and then move onto the next one, you’re putting no energy into that blog post. You’re investing nothing in it. There’s no longevity. You’re almost guaranteeing that that blog post will not be a valuable asset.

But, if you take on the viewpoint that that blog post is a real ASSET, you will do things differently.

First, you’ll take more time to prepare it in the first place. You’ll also ensure that it is set up with a real call to action so that it will route new visitors adeptly and fuel your business machine. It takes a little more time to do that, but you do it. Because this is an asset.

But, even after you publish it, you don’t just send out a few tweets and hope. No, then you actually take concrete actions to build the value of your asset.

For one, you should be setting up a boosted post on Facebook for every single blog post you publish. Don’t just share it on Facebook. No, you put your money where you mouth is. Throw $20 at the post to get enhanced distribution of your blog post to appropriate audiences. You can use the variety of targeting criteria to put that blog post in front of the right kinds of people. You can also retarget your own traffic. Both are valuable.

Now, I’m not here today to discuss the in’s and out’s of Facebook Ads. I’ve got a whole course on that inside THE LAB. My point today is…

INVEST into your blog post. I think putting $20 at it is just a good idea. If you can only afford $5 or $10, then do that. $20 will get you better results. And, if you find that it is performing well, you can keep it going by turning it into an actual ad and just let it run.

Think about it, tho…

If you’re actually spending $20 to distribute a blog post, you’re going to want it to give you some return, right?

That simple little mindset shift changes A LOT in terms of how you treat your blog.

Suddenly, you start to actually look at that blog post like a real asset. I mean, now you’re putting cash money on the line. Suddenly, shit just got real. 😉

Not only will that $20 do a lot to increase your distribution and your footprint and grow your traffic faster, but it will lead you to do a much better job so that you don’t waste your $20.

Now, if the idea of putting money behind your blog post is just getting a “hell no” reaction out of ya, then consider this…

MAYBE that’s just friction to a shift you know you need to be making.

There has to be some things in alignment for a $20 investment into a blog post to have any ROI. You need to be building a list. You need to be in a market which has monetization potential. You need to have an offer of some kind in place. I mean, these are  basic fundamentals that would allow you to make back that $20. And, if you think that $20 would just be a waste right now, then that means you probably need to slow down on the blogging and concentrate on those fundamentals.

Remember… blogs don’t make money. Businesses do.

And that simple act of putting $20 behind a new blog post on Facebook has this way of making it glaringly obvious where you might be dropping the ball.

I’m here to help, of course. 🙂

But, I’m quite serious. You should be putting $20 into paid traffic to any blog post you publish. And if you just can’t do that, you re-align the fundamentals of what you’re doing until you can.

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