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Sent to members on September 26, 2019

Think there’s a recession coming? What to do…

So, in case you haven’t heard, there’s some chatter out there about a potential recession coming to the economy.

Some say we’re already in one. Some say it will be 2008 all over again. And honestly, who the hell knows.

Personally, I think it will happen. I don’t think the systemic issues that led to 2008 were ever handled. They covered it up with bank bailouts and helicopter money. So, not only do I think it could repeat, but it could be bigger.

But, you know what?

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Let’s just back up here and look at the big picture, shall we?

Some people begin to feel like they have no control. They hear words like “recession” and they think all they can do is ride it out and that there’s little that can be done. But, that’s very much NOT true.

What happens in the overall economy does affect us, but it does not RULE us. We all make our own personal economies.

In every single recession or downturn, there are people and businesses that THRIVE right on through it. There are businesses that don’t feel it much… and there are others that grow and thrive.

In other words, a recession is not one big, uniform thing. And, in essence, it is a big wealth transfer. It isn’t as if the wealth disappears. It just… moves.

And economic activity still happens. Nothing shuts down. Things continue to move along.

So, the question is…

What do WE do? What do those of us with blog-based, online businesses in particular do about all this?

We pick up the pace. We accelerate. And we really start to DELIVER to our audiences, build that strong relationship, and SERVE.

We get more human again in order to build those human-to-human relationships.

We develop out our business machines behind our blogs and stop farting around with low-leverage stuff.

We comb through everything we’re doing and ensure that it truly SERVES the market, answers their questions, and guides them into their next step.

We do the things needed to build our authority.

We ramp up our outward promotion and marketing. That means you’re communicating to them, you’re helping them and, yes, you’re also making offers.

In short…

We’re doing the things we SHOULD be doing all along. But, we LEAN IN. We accelerate. We don’t do this stuff with some relaxed attitude like we have our whole life to do it.

When I see people punt on their online businesses “until the time is right”… I wince a little. They’ll never return to it. Because, there’s no right time.

Building an online business that can stand any recession requires little more than a firm decision to do it and push through. If you’re waiting around for external factors to give you the big thumbs up, then that’s just you seeking approval. That’s you not being in charge of your own life.

… and that’s not an attitude of somebody who thrives through a recession.

You’re not a feather in the wind of life unless you freakin’ CHOOSE to be.


Is there a recession coming? Quite possibly. But, what do you do about it?

You accelerate right into it.

The businesses that grow and thrive right on through it will be the ones who adapt, who innovate, who build strong relationships.

I had some of my best revenue years ever in the height of the 2008 crash. I can do it again. And I think you could, too.

Yes, you also do it smart. Make sure you keep income greater than outgo. Pay off debt and avoid new debt. Build reserves. Those things matter and ensure we’re on a good foundation.

But, then we look at a recession and we sit there like Lieutenant Dan at the top of the mast…

You call this a storm?!

Hehe… love that movie. 😉

Want my help to speed things up in your business? Well, that’s why I’m here, you know.

You can take the “do it yourself” approach inside THE LAB… or jump into a “done with Dave” approach via our Platinum program.

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