Focus Mapping: An Exercise I Perform Every Morning Before I Get To Work (Part 2 of 2)

In this video, I continue on the subject of my last video. In this one, I talk about focus mapping. This is a simple exercise that I do every single morning before getting to work. It guides me on the tasks I do that day, and most importantly… it helps me weed out the ones which are a waste of my time (or that I shouldn’t be doing). In this video, we go right to my screen and I’ll show you exactly how it works.

  • Eric says:

    I do something very similar to this and use both Evernote and WorkFlowy.

    What I do is…

    In Evernote: Goals notebook – 2014 goals. Then I have 3 notes: Goals Achieved, Goals In Progress, Goals.
    If I think of something I want to learn, accomplish, or just anything, it goes in goals as an idea.
    When I’m ready to work towards it I’ll put it in Goals In Progress and be specific with it and include a date. I usually have 3 to 5 goals I’m working on at the same time.
    Obviously once completed, it goes in Goals Achieved where I put the date it’s accomplished so I can look back.

    In WorkFlowy: I’ll make a main list for that specific goal. Then I’ll make a sub-list of the action steps required to get there. Finally I tag it with something simple like #list or #client or something that is simple and makes sense.

    This way I know what I’m working on and stay focused, I can list out action steps and cross them off easily and actually get things done.

    Works for me. May not for everyone but the simplest things that help you make progress is what matters.

    I love the focus map idea too. Seems very useful in getting something done each day.

    What do you and/or everyone else think of my setup?

  • Victoria says:

    Thanks for the content. I like the idea of using this to keep myself on task daily. A side comment to it. People come to blogs from different sources. It is very frustrating to come to a “Part 2 of 2” with no link anywhere to go and check out the “Part 1 of 2”.

  • I agree with Victoria. I am just exploring blogging at the moment.

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