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So, I'm starting something brand spankin' new. It is somewhat of an experiment.

I'm starting a new daily email newsletter which will be delivered every weekday - Monday through Friday.

But, this email won't just link to the Academy blog. No, essentially, this email will BE the blog. It will be me (David) delivering​​​​ up-to-the-minute strategies, tips, opinions, rants... you name it. Live... each day.

While this website will continue to deliver full-length blog posts built to stand the test of time, The Daily will be everything in between.

I'll also be occasionally running some content series which will only be available via email in The Daily.

If you are existing email subscriber not yet receiving The Daily, you'll need to subscribe. Since these emails are more frequent, I only want to do it with your permission. You will be able to opt out and return to the standard weekly updates at any time.

New To The Blog Marketing Academy? Perfect! The Daily is the best way to get connected.

My intention for this is to be email done differently.

Don't Miss A Day!

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