Building good looking sales pages and landing pages can be a frustrating experience. You want something that looks professional and will convert, but often you don’t have the technical chops to pull it off.

Well, we live in awesome times. And there’s quite a long list of tools now available to help non-coders make nice looking sales pages and landing pages. Tools like LeadPages, Ten Minute Funnels, ClickFunnels and the like. And then there’s the Wordpress-specific solutions like Instapage, Thrive Themes and OptimizePress.

I’ve used many of these solutions myself. I use LeadPages, primarily for the LeadBoxes and LeadLinks functionality. I’ve used Ten Minute Funnels and still think it is a great alternative to LeadPages if you find LP to just be too limiting and constrictive.

But, ultimately, I decided to use OptimizePress for my own landing pages here at the Blog Marketing Academy. With it, I have created pages such as…

The Blog Monetization Lab signup page.


or the webinar registration page for the Blog Monetization Webinar


or even the landing page for Coffee Break Blogging….


All of these (and roughly 40 more pages around the Academy site) are built using OptimizePress. And I chose OptimizePress because of the professionalism of the design options, the fonts, the buttons… all combined with the sheer amount of flexibility that I have to make whatever kind of page I want.

But, There Is A Learning Curve…

I’ve been a huge fan of OptimizePress for years – since back in the version 1 days. I really do feel like it is one of the highest “bangs for your buck” you can possibly get. The sheer ROI from this relatively small one-time purchase is truly off the charts.

But… there is a learning curve.

OptimizePress is marketed as being easy. And, once you get the hang of it, it is. But, you have to get over that initial learning curve and that initial frustration of trying to learn something new.

So, what I wanted to do was show you how I made pages such as those you see above.

First, I want to show you the basics of the Live Editor, which is the guts of OptimizePress. You really do need to understand the basic framework that it is relying on before you can “get it” and really bend OP to your will. And I’ll show it to you.

Then, I’m going to take you inside one of my own landing pages and let you see what the Live Editor looks like for a developed page. This will give you an idea how you can tweak OptimizePress to make some pretty cool pages. You do NOT have to rely on the stock templates that it comes with.

A Look At The OptimizePress Live Editor And How It Works

YouTube video

How I Have Built Very Custom Landing Pages Using The OptimizePress Live Editor

YouTube video

OptimizePress Is A One-Time Purchase

That’s the amazing thing. OptimizePress is a full-featured solution for building all kinds of various marketing pages that you’ll need to power your business… but it is a one-time purchase.

In a world where so many other solutions have a forced monthly fee, OptimizePress is just a killer deal.

This in no way takes away from the hosted, monthly solutions. There are a lot of capabilities you can get with a hosted solution that are just much more difficult than when working with Wordpress as a developer. I’m reminded of the OptinMonster plugin and how they just recently switched away from the plug-in model and moved to a hosted solution. There are numerous benefits in that – both from the develop side AND the consumer side.

But, there’s no doubt that, as a consumer – especially one who is bootstrapping and just getting started – a one-time small fee for something as powerful as OptimizePress is pretty awesome.

In the videos above, you see how I’ve used it. And I hope those same videos will help you get off to the races if you choose to go that route as well.

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