How Long Does It Take To Make Your Blog Profitable? (My Answer To This Common Question)

How long does it take to make a blog profitable? How long does it take to reach a certain income level? I get asked alot… and here’s my full answer.

  • Sharron F says:

    This is an awesome pillar-post, and something that’s needed to be said in a straightforward, no-BS, way, for quite a few years. – It’s changed something in my outlook too; even as one of your students.

    I can’t help thinking that you might have put a number of bullshit-gurus out of business… Which can only be a good thing in all honesty. 🙂

  • John says:

    David – Love your style. Simple, direct, actionable and utterly without any BS.

    As Sharron said, it has really shifted my outlook at how to make money with a blog!

  • Stella M says:

    Hey David. I love your views about bloggers and business owners. There is also solid advice in this article, and as a proud member of the lab I wouldn’t expect less from you. I’ve been following your site for years. Thanks for the knowledge you provide.

  • Chigozie Ezeh says:

    Thanks David,

    I’ve really learnt a whole lot from you.
    This concept of using a blogging as a means to an end instead of an end in itself is powerful.
    It puts the “no limits” tag on what one can achieve online.
    It’s similar to allocating resources to the most important things and that’s building the value ladder of a business, the 80/20 way.

    Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  • Janet S says:

    What I like about this so far is that what you are talking about is something I call “principles.” You’ve labled truthfully what blogs do, and what they do not do (a blog by itself is just words – it does not make money). I don’t want a “get rich quick without any effort” scheme. I just want to know the principles that success would be based on. Thanks.

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