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Sent to members on July 15, 2019

“I need more information”

“I need some additional information.”

Waiting until things are right? Waiting until you have all the information you think you need?


There’s no shortage of data to be found. You can read more. You can research. You can listen. You can pay for it. If you want to cram more data into your head, you can certainly do it.

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But, I think there’s likely a pretty good chance that you’re not really using the data you already have.

In fact, since you may not be using the data you already have, piling more into that is going to do little more than make you more confused and overwhelmed. And that just compounds the problem. It gets worse.

So, when you are trying to get more data and it doesn’t really ever end, what you’re really saying is…

“I need more certainty”.

You want a guarantee. You want to remove all possible uncertainty.

And unfortunately, that’s simply not possible.

More information isn’t going to give you more certainty. That’s just the same as stalling.

If what you’re looking at is worth it… if it will have a big impact for you and really improve your situation…

… perhaps it is worth simply accepting that uncertainty.

Be willing to look at it square in the face.

Be willing to confront the uncertainty.

Be fine with whatever happens. Be able to experience it. Embrace it. Snarl at it. Give it the finger. Whatever works for you.

But, don’t stall.

Moving forward is what can make things better.

Taking action is the only thing that counts.

Information… it can only take you so far.

After that, you’re stalling.

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