Issue #336

Sent to members on April 26, 2021

Not Following My Own Advice

I’m in a bit of an interesting position, in some ways. See…

I’ve been in this business for a really long time. Since 1998. And I’ve been running Blog Marketing Academy since 2008. That’s 13 years now – and counting.

I’m an old man, in “internet years”. 🤪

And as any solopreneur, I find that my interests change. My flow changes. Anybody who thinks any entrepreneur is always “crushin’ it” is amusing themselves. It just isn’t realistic.

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Sometimes I’m on fire. Other times, I’m sitting there looking at crypto. 😜

Crypto Addiction

I have been spending more time lately on tech services, talking more about the tech side of this business, and doing some internal work on THE LAB.

But, I haven’t been as active in terms of public content.

Not really providing the value to my email subscribers (that’s you) that I should.

And basically not following my own advice.

So, in some ways, I’ve been thinking about the “big picture” here with regard to the kind of online business I want to be running.

And I’m looking to boil things down to some basics again.

When one is feeling confusion and overwhelm (and it happens to all of us at times), that is a symptom of too many things in motion simultaneously. The answer is to start discarding… and to start making things sit still. In this case, we’re talking about projects, ideas, etc.

More to say about all this later on, but for now…

Let’s talk about emails.

I’ve totally abandoned any semblance of regularity about providing value to my email list.

And for that, my apologies.

LAB members hear from me sometimes, but the rest of you have only been getting anything from me when I have a new blog post.

Which isn’t too often, seeing as I’m not a fan of the content hamster wheel.

Back when I was regularly producing THE EDGE, this wasn’t an issue. And I feel as if I was doing a FAR better job of maintaining contact with the people who wanted to remain engaged.

Also, from a management perspective, there’s an elegance and simplicity to having a regular newsletter to send to your community.

I like the idea.

And so, I’m very seriously considering bringing THE EDGE back again. In fact, this very email would be issue #336. Just ignore the fact that it has been about a year since the last issue. 😏

Here’s Where I’d Like Your Feedback

The idea behind THE EDGE would be the same as it was before…

Compiling various updates and strategies – and an exclusive article by me – into one regular newsletter.

Right now, I’m thinking we make this a weekly publication – sent on Mondays.

First question for you…

Is a weekly newsletter the best fit for you? What if we did it twice per week… how would that work for you?

The more important question, however, is….

How can I best assist you? What would be the most valuable area for me to focus on?

Lately, I have been focusing more on the tech side of things.

People have had a LOT of interest in the software and the plug-ins. In the “guts” of setting up their membership site. In accomplishing certain tech things with their sites, and in evaluating various software platforms.

But, I always want to make sure that I’m delivering what my community needs and wants.

And there’s no better way than to just ask. 😇

So, hit that reply button for me. And just send me a quickie 1 or 2 sentence thing letting me know what kinds of topics or questions you’d find MOST valuable out of me.

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