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We Had A Big Idea…

If you’ve ever been to a big online business conference, then you know how it can go…

It is often in a big convention center or conference room, just rows and rows of chairs, packed in there like sardines. There’s often big crowds, so you spend a lot of time bumping into each other. The crowd can even feel rather overwhelming, especially when you’re a little more of an introvert by nature.

But, then there’s the content. Often, speaker after speaker. And a whole lot of PowerPoint slides.

You’re left trying to vigorously take notes like a mad man before they go to the next slide… or you whip out your phone and snap a photo of the slide before they move on. If you’re lucky, they’ll give you a URL to download the slide deck after the presentation.

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But, then when it is time to leave, you’re just swimming in ideas. It is almost overwhelming. You’ve got all those notes… and all those slide photos, but now what?

In the end, what did you get out of the conference? You got a bunch of notes.

And what happens most of the time with those notes? Well… they sit there. They go into the “someday maybe” pile… laced with the best of intentions. But, more often than not, nothing really comes of it. One day, you’ll find your notes at the bottom of a drawer.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Those Big Conferences Have Their Place.
But, I Prefer Something Different.

I’ve had students and peers recommend that I organize and start my own conference for the Blog Marketing Academy. And I do realize the potential of such a thing.

But, those kinds of conferences are expensive – and outright annoying – to put together. Then, when people come, it’d be that same experience all over again. A bunch of Powerpoints, a bunch of notes, the crowds… and all of it could add up to very little for the attendees just because it is so impersonal.

Truth is… it isn’t my style. Plus, I’d probably have to dress up a little. 😉 I want to keep my shorts on, thank you.

I can get up there on a big stage and speak to a big crowd. I’ve done it before. But, it isn’t my preference. It is too impersonal. It isn’t really any different than what I do right here at the Blog Marketing Academy in a training video… except that I’m sitting behind a podium rather than in front of a camera.

Like many of you, I can do the big crowds if I have to. But, I’d prefer something much different.

I prefer an EXPERIENCE, not another speaker session.

I prefer smaller crowds, more intimate connections… where we can interact and make REAL headway and walk out with much more than just a few pages of notes.

And, if you’ve been a reader of mine, you know I prefer RV traveling and RV camping. 🙂

So, We Had An Idea…

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I’m really curious to hear your thoughts about this.

– David Risley

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