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The Redwood Strategy For Bloggers

Most blog owners mistakenly put themselves onto a high-pressure, never-ending hamster wheel known as blogging. It is a constant slog of new posts. No matter how great your last post was, the clock simply resets and you feel you have to do it all over again.

Not only is that type of blogging unnecessary and frustrating, but it is unprofitable.

It is also bad for your SEO and your traffic.

Most bloggers today are so busy churning out the next blog post that they're simply overwhelmed at the work needed for everything else that actually builds up a business.

There is a much better way.

Why I Blog Far Less Than I Used To... And Why I Make More Money That Way

I've lived on the content hamster wheel before. I used to run a technology blog and, for a few years there, we had multiple authors and were churning out several news post PER DAY.

The amount of man hours that went into all that - as well as expense for me to pay for it - was ridiculous.

Today, I blog far less. In fact, as of this writing, I have not published a new post in several months.

Yet, despite that, my business revenue is going along nicely. And my traffic is not suffering.

It started with a re-evaluation of exactly what a blog is. The roots of blogging come from the days of online journals. Posts were sorted by date and displayed in chronological order. But, why must it be that way?

Answer = it doesn't.

Forget everything you "know" about what a blog is and what good bloggers do. Realize that, in essence, it is simply a content library. Remove the dates. Reduce the frequency. Create content that matters... on your schedule.

Doing this myself has allowed me to spend my time on matters which actually build my business. Plus, it allows me to go traveling around in the motorhome and, you know... live life. :)

Why Is This Called The Redwood Strategy?

It is a metaphor for the huge redwood trees out in California. Large, beautiful trees. But, like all trees, they started off small. They grew over time. And, like all trees, you can see the growth through the tree rings on the inside.

We apply the same approach to our blog posts. 

Our goal isn't to fill the calendar. Our goal is to create true pillar posts - redwood posts - that will stand the test of time. And we don't do it all at once. We do periodic and routine edits. We add to them. We update them. And over time, these redwood posts turn into major traffic-attracting and lead building pieces of optimized content that builds businesses.

It is also exactly what Google wants. Long-form content that is maintained and updated. The social shares build up over time. More engagement and social interaction. All centered around these pillars that are improved constantly.

More traffic. More leads. More social credibility. More revenue.

And much less traditional blogging or starting from zero with a new post every single time.

Now, the full strategy has specifics. Things that you do to the post over time. Things you do to optimize the posts - and to get traffic to those posts. This is what I call the Expanded Redwood Strategy

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Chris Huff

I decided to run through the Building a Content Marketing Plan training because I felt I've been missing something lately. GLAD I DID! I'm about 1/2 way through and I can't believe how much I've learned.

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The Redwood Strategy For Bloggers

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You Will Discover...

  • The bird's eye view of how the full redwood strategy works
  • How to determine the topics for your redwood posts
  • How to plan out aspects of your redwood posts that will make it really resonate with your target market
  • How to utilize your redwood posts in your marketing and to reach new audiences
  • How to promote your redwood post to bring in traffic
  • How to optimize your redwood posts for maximum conversion to leads
  • The best places to insert calls to action within your redwood posts
  • How to best position each redwood post at the top of your funnel, therefore driving qualified leads into your business that are much more likely to convert into customers
  • Best practices for redwood post structure and formatting
  • Little "tricks" you can build into your redwood post to maximize the viral potential on social media
  • How to optimize the redwood post to give Google exactly what it wants for high-ranking content
  • An approach to assembling high-performing redwood posts even if you're not the one creating all-original content
  • How to use paid traffic to magnify the impact of your redwood posts
  • How we can tweak the performance of each of our redwood posts over time to optimize conversions

This is also the only course I've (so far) recorded from the inside of my motorhome. Because, I practice what I preach. I use the time that I'm not sitting there churning out blog post quantity... to go out and live my life.

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The Redwood Strategy For Bloggers

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