Don’t confuse the phrase “membership site” with just monthly recurring billing. That’s just a pricing model. A membership site is any site where clients, customers or even just subscribers log in to access any form of protected content or interact with your business via an online account. 

A membership site is extremely powerful for all business types. You can use it as just a list building tool to build an engaged community, to sell online courses, provide customers a service portal, online coaching… you name it.

I am a massive fan of the membership site model. I also build them for clients all the time.

Top Articles On Membership Sites

Planning Out Your Membership Site?

Download this worksheet from our Document Vault to guide you through the idea and planning phase of your new membership site – setting you up for maximum signups and income.

Want Me To Build Your Membership Site?​

I build membership sites all the time for my clients as part of my technical services. And if you have an existing WordPress-based membership site, I can jump in and take care of some needed fixes and enhancements for you.