Building and running a business is a bit of an art and science put together. The world of entrepreneurship definitely has certain strategies to it that are rather universal… while there’s also quite a lot you just have to figure out along the way.

Running a business requires skills in managing your own mindset, productivity, management, systems and more. In a lot of ways, there’s a lot of personal growth that goes along with building and growing your own business.

I’ve been at it now for almost 25 years. That doesn’t make me an expert, by any means. But, I have some things to share.

Top Articles On Entrepreneurship

Need A Plan of Action?​

This 28-page free report from our Document Vault is designed to serve as a guide for how to best spend your available time to start an online business from scratch. No “secret tactics”. Just an orderly, logical progression.

OPTIN – 90 Day Startup Plan

Reality Check: A Blog Is Not A Business

A blog doesn’t make money. If one wants to make money, you don’t start a blog in order to do it. Here’s some real-talk about exactly what makes money -…

Let’s Talk Strategy!​

You can book a call with me anytime to talk about your business one-on-one. Whether you are just starting out and need some direction… or just want a second set of eyes… I’m happy to talk. Book a strategy call. No long-term coaching agreements. I hate those.