Your website is the platform on which it all happens. It isn’t just something pretty for people to look at. It has to be set up for marketing, receive and route communications, answer questions, take payments, manage customer accounts, send automated emails and more.

My real specialty is in designing and building the platform for online business. This covers things like tools, design and making it all work together.

Top Articles On Building

Blog Design Audit Checklist

Use this checklist to evaluate your blog point by point… and find what’s good and what you could improve. Available for download free inside the Document Vault.

OPTIN – Blog Design Audit

Want Me To Build Your Platform For You?​

I build sites all the time for my clients as part of my technical services. And if you have an existing WordPress-based membership site, I can jump in and take care of some needed fixes and enhancements for you. Whether I do it for you or you just want to talk to help choose between all the available tools and options, I’m here to help.