Starting from scratch is the toughest phase of building up an online business. So many decisions to make and they often feel like make/break decisions. Are you making the right decisions? How do you know what to focus on at any given time?

Planning & launching your online business can lead to one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life. Through articles and courses here at the Academy, I’ll do my best to help simplify things.

Top Articles On Launching

Niche Profits Finder

Use this worksheet to walk you through a specific process for identifying profitable niche markets. The exact components to what makes a niche profitable, 5 specific tests, and much more.

OPTIN – Niche Profits Finder

Reality Check: A Blog Is Not A Business

A blog doesn’t make money. If one wants to make money, you don’t start a blog in order to do it. Here’s some real-talk about exactly what makes money -…

How To Re-purpose Your Products For Udemy

In this episode, I talk about Udemy and the pros and cons of publishing courses on this popular platform. I also discuss the best ways to use Udemy to build your…

How To Name And Brand Your Product

When it comes to giving your product a name, this is something you want to put some thought into and not just “shoot from the hip”. Don’t take the name…

How To Create Training Content That Works

If you’re going to create informational training products that SELL, you’re going to need to make it effective. With that in mind, you need to pay some attention to specifically…

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Want Me To Build Your Platform For You?​

I build sites all the time for my clients as part of my technical services. And if you have an existing WordPress-based membership site, I can jump in and take care of some needed fixes and enhancements for you. Whether I do it for you or you just want to talk to help choose between all the available tools and options, I’m here to help.