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Sent to members on October 22, 2018

List Building Challenge #10 – Building a quiz

Years ago, I was a web developer. This was something I did on the side along with my tech blog. And, I worked with several clients.

One of those clients was an old friend of mine who had an online natural health website. He did online consultations with people. The main way he generated leads and customers was via a series of free online health tests.

I programmed these things for him… and it was a pain in the ass (to be blunt). But, it worked really well. They’d select a free health test based on the area of their concern (digestive, reproductive, etc.), answer the questions, then it would pop out with a customized graphical presentation of their results and evaluations. It really was quite the system. Hard to believe I built the damn thing, actually. 😉

And, yes, at the end of their test (with the results), they were routed directly into scheduling a free consultation with him. And it went from there. They were real, qualified leads. This was several years ago now and I have no conversion metrics on it, but I know it worked.

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What worked, specifically, was the free tests centered around something they wanted. They came in with a situation they wanted to handle. And they were being presented with an opportunity to learn something actionable about what to do with it – for free.

That free test system I built for him was fully customized by your’s truly. I doubt there’s anything else like it online even now. And even until recently, creating even a simple online assessment or quiz was a rather technical thing to do. It was mainly for the people with some development budgets to build it. From a marketing perspective, though, they’ve always worked and they will continue to.

A quiz is a unique type of lead magnet to grow your list.

Typically, creating an online quiz has been a real technical challenge. But, one of the more recent tools offered from Thrive Themes is the Thrive Quiz Builder.

With Quiz Builder, you can create different kinds of quizzes. And here’s the best part…

You can use them to create segmented email lists, offer them different lead magnets depending on their answers, and more.

One of the biggest challenges can simply be coming up with an idea for a quiz.

From a marketing perspective, the aim is to have a quiz which gets them to look at the problem that you solve with your business. It can help raise them on the customer awareness scale from being unaware to problem aware. Quizzes which give them a score on something they can improve can work well for this.

The fact that you can build a simple assessment or quiz using a drag-and-drop interface like this is just amazing to me. Thrive Quiz Builder really is an amazing tool for that.

– David

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