Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide: 10 Smartest Things You Can Do to Promote Your New Blog (UPDATED)

The ultimate guide to promoting your new blog. We cover 10 specific (and smart) strategies you should use immediately to promote your new blog effectively.

  • Marko says:

    Thanks a lot for the insights David.

    You mentioned the importance of doing it all, but still I feel like that is not always possible at least for me.

    But still I get the point, if you really want to make a killer blog you have to work hard on it.

  • Helen Allen says:

    I read your article and was truly inspired. See I have started my 100 a day and now I only have 99 more to go before midnight! Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  • Sandra says:

    Was a blogger for a few years and had built up a nice community that I loved. Then I disappeared into the night due to health issues. And now I’ve got a new blog with a new name, and I have to start all over. This advice was just what i needed to get started again…and it will keep me off Instagram 🙂

  • Shahir says:

    100 a day? Wow! Never heard that before, I am going to give it a spin. This counts as 1 I guess 😉 Great tips anyway. Thanks. Will keep reading.

  • Olga L. says:

    Thanks for a useful post! Sometimes you just stuck and don’t know what the next step is, your advices help to understand that! so…will start making 100 connections 🙂

  • Great article! I just launched my new blog and I’m really tempted to tweak my UI.I guess I have to keep focusing on content building and making personal contacts as of now 😛

  • From the huge collection of comments on this blog, it is obvious that many people are as impressed by these suggestions as I am. I just had to say that I really enjoyed learning your principle of 100. I would consider it a success to network with 5-10 people a day – but to aim for 100! That’s clearly going to take a lot of work and, in turn, pay off in the long run.

    Thanks for the suggestions. And that completes contact #7 for the day. Just 93 more to go!

  • Peter says:

    I think this is a wonderful post and I truly appreciate it. I recently started a blog and honestly it felt like standing in front of a brick wall. After reading this, I am kind of getting what I should/need to do. I especially like the idea of principle of 100. I am putting that into action starting today and it seems like you are my #1 contact for the day. Thank you for such great suggestions.

  • Anahita says:

    Thank you so much for this! I found it very insightful and I think they key is to remember that nothing comes if you sit and wait for it. Maybe a bus or something, but not in the blogging world!

    I just started my own blog yesterday, livingaworld.com 🙂

  • Thank you for the “100” idea. That’s a lot, but if the blog content and design is good, it’s worth it 🙂

  • Swapnil says:

    One of the best articles. I liked idea of not advertising. I have just started and have spent a lot time thinking how to advertise. Now I will concentrate more on writing the killer articles ! Thank you for the direction.

  • Great article. We have been spending the last few months in building out our product and promoting was an afterthought. Based on your suggestion, we’ll change our focus to promotion for a while.

  • Yes I totally agreed with the idea of having a daily action plan. This helps keep you on track and consistent. Lengthy but awesome post.

  • Terry says:

    As always, content is indeed king, but the sad part of the equation is that many assume that content is the only king. If a webmaster fails to work the SEO a little, fails to make an effort to get the word out, fails to try beyond just pounding out post after post, the site will fail.

    For a long time I tried to count on my “friends” to help me, but the fact of the matter is that unless your friends are true friends, you’ll never get more than a passing aid from them. Content is king, but you’ve got to be the messenger who tells the kingdom he’s not sleeping. These tips are a great way to get the ball rolling.

  • Elera Geonzon says:

    Thank you for posting this article and sharing your ideas with us. This was really helpful especially for me who had just started a new blog. Keep up the good work!

  • Sujal says:

    Very helpful article !
    But i would like to read more on how to make 100 personal contacts daily.
    Hope you check out.
    Thank You

  • Sal says:

    Good job with writing this. One particular point I like is that you need to have an action plan. An action plan is definitely important to progress in anything, let alone something like blogging that does need a lot of effort and time.


  • Jon Turner says:

    Thanks for the advice, it’s the most coherent I have seen, as someone with a new blog you have given me food for thought 🙂

  • Kevin Browne says:

    For a beginner like me I found this article to be quite superb.
    I has made me realise that ‘diving into’ blogging without first establishing any foundation stones was a big mistake.
    Since my blog is not intended for business use I can hopefully still implement enough of what I have learned here to improve my lot.
    thank you David,
    Kevin Browne. UK

  • Roshan says:

    I was doing it wrong and tweaking my blog every now and then which has to be stopped

  • Kris Rein says:

    Great article and so true. I am always distracted by tweaking my blog and because I only have a few hours a day I can spend on my blog, I am better off doing something else.

    Will try to go with your 100 a day rule, which I think is impossible,for me, but I will still try as much as I can.

    Good luck to all the other bloggers who need help getting followers!

  • Nick says:

    Rule of 100? Sounds like a lot of hard work that could really pay off. I’m off to connect to all of the real people out there!

  • Charlotte says:

    Christian, I love all the points in this article and I will try them. However, I am a new blogger waiting to transfer my url from GoDaddy to Bluehost and wondering if I should establish social media accounts in my blog name before my blog is up and running? Thank you for any advice!

  • Paula says:

    Thank you for your well written recommendations. I love the 100 contact rule and will implement it right away. I think we often forget the personal aspect of what we do everyday.

    One question I have for you or anyone reading the comments, my blog is currently on a wordpress.com site, do you recommend moving it over to a paid hosting site or wait until the traffic comes?

    Thank you!

  • Sasha says:

    Christian, great article! Will use it as a guideline. What is not clear for me about the rule of 100 is, do these contacts need to be done towards a target audience, should those be new contacts or repetitive ones and what is a definition of a “contact” here? Can just saying “thank you” on Twitter for example count? Thanks a lot!

  • Ali Abrahm says:

    OMG! Reflects exactly of what I am focusing atm, worrying about logos, design and the best Ad network. Gosh thanks for the great read Christian. I will definitely start with the 10 personal emails per day. God bless you.

  • Fantastic article and very useful for a newbie blogger like me. I am a constant tweaker and your advice on just promoting the blog rather than fiddling about with layout etc has been invaluable. Thanks!

  • Paul Sarwana says:

    Hi Christian,

    I just published my pillar content and want to promote it and find your tips. I really like your daily action plan: “I make 100 personal contacts daily and write 3 pages of content.” If you don’t mind, I want to copy the idea and use it for my blog.

  • Marie C says:

    These are some really good tips! I just started a blog days ago and these tips will come in handy. I’m still trying to figure out which direction to go with my blog but I’ll get there.

  • Chun says:

    Nice article ! 🙂

    Basically, promoting a blog requires the same qualities as landing a good job : you’ve got to be sociable and have a good network to help you out !

  • Melinda Uys says:

    This is great article for those starting out in the blogging world. I only wish I had found this a few months ago- I feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of time tweaking my site, but having no real sense of what it was I wanted to achieve and all the while floundering around wondering why only my Facebook friends have visite the site.
    Thanks, this has really given me some solid advice and action plans to follow. Watch this space!

  • Justin says:

    My method when it comes to placing ads is that I place one ad banner on my blog while it’s new and not pay attention to the revenue. I may only earn like $0.50 a month. But when the time comes to turn my blog into a business, that extra money I earn will go towards the business.

  • Anne K. says:

    I really like the part about making 100 personal contacts. That’s definitely something I will try to use in the future (maybe starting at a lower number…) 🙂

  • Daphna says:

    Hi Christian, I found this awesome article from the Blog Market and I want to thank you and commend you for taking the time to write a genuinely valuable article about how to promote your blog for new bloggers like myself. I am doing a ton of research and sadly a lot of articles are pure fluff, but it’s so refreshing and uplifting to read the gems (like this one) that are thought-out and offer real insight and advice that I can use. Kudos! I am totally going to make the 100 Rule a goal for my business.

  • Excellent tips, David.
    Every blogger needs more traffic, right? 🙂

    I love building relationships with people of my niche, they last longer than links.
    Guest posting is an effective way to achieve this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Deb says:

    Challenging, but great advice and gives me a good plan to follow…..I am new at this so I need all the help I can get. Thanks David

  • Colton says:

    Hey Christian! Thanks for the blog post. I can tell you enjoy writing your posts and im very excited about trying some of these tips, especially the 100 rule. I’ll have to implement that into my daily routine for sure.

  • Mike Giles says:

    Great tips. I have been working on my blog for a couple of months. I have been focusing on good content to bring in readers and a breadth of content to keep them on the site. I have been running Google AdSense with some marginal success. Right now I just have the goal of getting 100 page views a day. I have had a couple of posts do that, but not many. I work on my advertising every day, I even tried a paid ad on Facebook. I don’t think it went well.
    I am going to try some of your tips to start scaling my blog. I want people to read it and it would be nice if it at least paid for itself.

    Also, you have a typo in this sentence: “Now, don’t be dumb. You don’t want to have a paid AT just point to your blog’s homepage.” I think you meant to say a paid ad.

  • Alas, I am one of those fools who just write blogs to educate and/or entertain others. Some of the things I have written are actually quite important, without being particularly political. In fact, I seriously attempt to focus on intelligent consideration rather than emotional ranting.
    I have no business to promote. I would just like to reach more people. As a retired doctor (one of the definitions of doctor is “teacher”), I want to share information to as many people as possible. I need help.

  • Thanks for rewriting this post and making it still relevant in 2017. 🙂

    It is true most bloggers are allergic to the thought of spending money on paid ads. I mean, just the thought of spending money and not getting any ROI is just plain scary. I was one of them too which is why I failed miserably when I started my first blog in 2012.

    So now in 2017, I’ve had a lot more practice and I’ve seen some success with Facebook ads and Bing ads for my niche sites which I monetize with Amazon and Clickbank offers.

    I’m applying the same strategy to my own personal blog so I hope it works. I’m already doing most of what you’ve listed on this post. I just need to work on #4 (Market Domination Research Master File). I can already imagine this going to be a LOT of work, but oh well, I’ll take it one step at a time so I don’t get burned out. So many things to do when you’re working solo on your business…

    Thanks again for your wonderful post!

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