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Maximize your leverage on every blog post you create with this syndication and traffic-getting checklist.


This step-by-step system will guide you through creating a high-converting lead magnet - quickly.


Use surveys in a strategic fashion in order to figure out what products to make, what to charge for them, etc.

John Lee Dumas

"Dave lays out the content in a way that I can immediately implement into my business. You rock Dave!"

Leah Fisch

"Attended my first Mastermind Call today and loved it. Thank you David for all the useful advice and critiques on my website. I also learned alot listening to the Q&A from other members."

Kevin Rogers

"I have a renewed appreciation for teachers who teach simplicity, David. I love that your ego never dictates these lessons."

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The 80/20 rule says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. We’re going to put this rule to work on your blog – to derive more opt-ins from 20% of the work you’ve already done. Full step-by-step breakdown in this Office Hours call. Then, onto your questions! Time Cuts: 01:28 […]