At this point, everybody knows that offering lead magnets is one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. We don’t need to cover that ground again. However…

Now, you’re using BeeHiiv. You want to grow your newsletter list by offering lead magnets. You may even want to offer multiple lead magnets.

How do you set up the mechanics of that? How do you set up the automations to properly deliver the right lead magnet to the right person while still using BeeHiiv?

Let’s discuss…

Using BeeHiiv Automations To Deliver Your Lead Magnets

The first method of doing this relies exclusively on BeeHiiv itself. To do this, we will be using BeeHiiv automations.

Note that you will need the paid “Scale” plan in order to access “automated journeys” with BeeHiiv. If you have a free BeeHiiv plan, you cannot use automations. However, you would still be able to use the form redirect URL (see below) to send them to a page to get the lead magnet.

First, we’ll need to create an embed form specifically for your lead magnet. Then, we’ll create the corresponding automation to deliver it via email.

Set Up Your Optin Form

First, you will need to create an embed form specifically for your lead magnet. Go to Settings > Publication > Subscribe Forms. Then create a new form and set it up the way you like for your lead magnet. Name the form for your lead magnet so you know what it is for. Here’s an example that I created:

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: optin form

In the above form, I called the form “Membership Site Planner” because that’s the lead magnet I will be offering to anybody who fills in that form. Be sure to also enter a URL for the redirect after they fill in that form:

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: optin form redirect

That page could contain the lead magnet itself (in which case you won’t need automations), or just a general “thank you” page where you tell them what to expect next.

Using the embed code BeeHiiv gives you, you can now put that form anywhere on your site where that lead magnet makes sense.

Set Up Your Automations To Deliver Via Email

If you would like to send them a custom email after they fill in that optin form, we will use automations for that. To do that, go to Write > Automations. You’ll then get a blank slate to build your automation:

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: Automation

Click on “Add Trigger” so we can add a trigger for our automation. Our trigger should be “Signed Up” since we want to trigger it when a person opts in. But then click on “Edit Conditions”.

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: Automation Trigger

Add a Condition with the Attribute being “Embed Source”. Then, for the embed source, choose your optin form that you created above. This will ensure that this automation will only trigger when they sign up via that specific optin form.

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: Trigger Conditions

With the trigger set up, now all that’s left is to have it send the email. When you click on “Send Email”, it will automatically put in a 1-minute delay and then set up a placeholder email to send.

1 minute is the least available delay, so just leave that alone. Then, click on “Edit Message” and go ahead and create the email you want to be sent. Of course, write the email that will link to the lead magnet they have opted in for.

Lead Magnets with BeeHiiv: Using automation to send an email

For our purposes, this short automation is all that is needed to deliver your lead magnet. Make sure you click “Activate” on each step of the automation so they’ll actually happen. 🙂

Of course, automations can get more involved. For instance, you could easily extend this automation to add a short email series behind the opt-in form. Something to keep in mind.

Using this method, you can set up as many lead magnets as you would like and deliver them all via BeeHiiv. You can even later segment your subscribers based on the embed source so that you can talk to different sets of subscribers differently.

Using Your In-House CRM To Deliver Lead Magnets (Alongside BeeHiiv)

If you intend to keep your own in-house email list as well and not exclusively rely on BeeHiiv, then we can do this a little bit differently.

If you have a paid BeeHiiv account and have access to the API, then you are able to create your own forms on your site that will send leads into BeeHiiv.

In this case, you can set up forms on your site that will…

  • Send leads into your own CRM and trigger any automations you want.
  • Simultaneously send them into BeeHiiv as well (using a web hook).

So, you would use your own system (I personally prefer FluentCRM) to deliver lead magnets and then mirror everybody into BeeHiiv.

In my opinion, this is a preferred method because you would have far more potential capability in your followup automations using something like FluentCRM than you would with BeeHiiv. After all, BeeHiiv is purpose-built for newsletters and is not really built for full-on email marketing automation.

I’m not going to cover all the technicals in how to use your own forms to send leads into BeeHiiv. You can see this post for more on that: BeeHiiv Integrations: How To Connect Your Own Forms To BeeHiiv (Using The API)

If You Need Any Assistance…

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