2020 Black Friday Deals (And How To Make The Most Of This Week)

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David Risley
Founder, Lead Instructor of Blog Marketing Academy

It's that time again. Black Friday week. Ya ready for this? 😉

In case you haven't noticed, 2020 has been... an interesting year. To put it mildly. And here's the thing...

This is a really, REALLY good time to be looking at two primary things:

  1. Lock in good deals on things sure to serve you and your business growth moving forward. And if you can lock it in without any recurring charges, all the better. That increases your leverage.
  2. Get things that will enable growth moving forward. Growth of new skills and new potential income streams.

I won't get into the economy except to say... for a variety of reasons, we're living through a time of change. And this is no time to retreat and sit there and wait for your "stimulus". This is a time to EXPAND.

This is a time to expand your opportunities. Your income. Your skills. There's no better way to put yourself onto a more reliable, secure financial path.

So, my intention here with the Blog Marketing Academy Black Friday week is.... well, yes, make some money. I mean, I own a business, too. 🙂 But, it is also... to SERVE you guys as best as I can. To look out for you. Not to throw any damn thing that could make money in front of you. Cuz honestly, some of what's going to be on offer this next week is just stupid. But, some isn't. Some is most definitely worthy of your consideration because it moves along the two things listed above.

So, here we go...

Offers Expire On Tuesday, December 1st.

Below are some third-party offers that have their own deadlines. But, for anything I am offering - including any bonuses on my recommended tools, the official end of this annual offer period is..

Tuesday, December 1st at 9AM Eastern.

As soon as I get into the office the day after "Cyber Monday", I'm pulling everything down. The LAB Lifetime membership option goes away. Bonuses go away. All returns to normal.

OK, let's get into this year's opportunities...

Lock In A Lifetime Membership as a LAB PRO Member With A Once-Per-Year Discount

This happens only once per year. While there are other opportunities to lock in a lifetime membership, only once per year is it available with such a discount. So, listen up...

Through Monday, you lock in ALL benefits of the LAB PRO membership here at the Blog Marketing Academy, with a lifetime membership. No renewals ever. And you can save up to 40% off of the normal price.

This is the ultimate leverage. No renewals, yet you will be able to access all courses, all office hours, all workshops... into 2021, 2022 and beyond. 

Plus, of course, the LAB is all about helping you increase your skills and financial leverage. 

During this once-per-year promotion... you can lock it in with a full 30% discount. That same discount applies to the payment plan. This is the cheapest the lifetime membership ever costs - and it only happens during this annual offer.

Also, at the end of this post, I am announcing something coming up in the LAB which may definitely be of interest to you - and make this an even better time to lock in that lifetime membership.

But, first...

Deals On Tools I Recommend

When I recommend a tool or service, I take that recommendation seriously. I stand behind it. Plus, like I said, you should be looking to increase your leverage and growth opportunities. Not just buy stuff if it is on sale.

So, below, I am going to outline some special offers specifically on tools I recommend and can stand behind. I will tell you, in plain English, my thoughts about it.

Some of them don't even have Black Friday offers, so I'm going to create one for you. Let's roll...

Siteground Web Hosting

There are two main web hosting companies I am recommending these days: Siteground and Cloudways. And both have deals in place...

Siteground is offering up 75% off new hosting plans when you pre-pay for a year. It is a wee bit exaggerated, though, because you can pretty much always get a little over 50% off these plans when you pre-pay. For instance, their startup plan will usually run you $6.99/mo ($83.88 for the year). But, during their Black Friday promo, that same plan would run you $3.49/mo (or $41.88 for the year). Their other plans are similarly discounted.

Siteground is a solid web host - and this is a truly solid deal. Just keep in mind that, after your pre-paid period, your rates go to normal.

Cloudways Web Hosting

Cloudways is freakin' awesome - and who I personally use to host this very website. Cloudways gives you seriously good performance by using virtual private servers, but without all the geekiness. Unlike most hosting companies, Cloudways doesn't play any games with pre-paid plans. Their rates are usually set. But, you get FAR better performance for much less money. You can check out my full Cloudways review here.

But, for Black Friday, Cloudways is offering 40% off your first 4 months of hosting. That's a really great deal and a great to get started with Cloudways.

To lock in that 40% discount on a new Cloudways plan, enter promo code BFCM2020 at checkout.

Cloudways is really good. It is who I personally use. I've also moved 2 clients to Cloudways and personally manage their sites in there. And so...

If you enroll with Cloudways via the Blog Marketing Academy, I'll be happy to help you with any hiccups you might have moving your site to them. You very likely will have no issues since their migration process is solid and easy do-it-yourself. But, if you DO have any confusions.... just get in touch. I'll jump in and help you personally.

WP Fusion

WP Fusion is the best thing since sliced bread. Almost. 😉 Seriously, this is one of the most valuable plug-ins I've ever used. You can check out my full WP Fusion review here.

It fuses your WordPress site with your email list provider and allows you to control what your subscribers see on your site based on tags. This is PERFECT for membership sites. In fact, WP Fusion powers the LAB itself.

And from Friday through Monday, you can save 30% on new annual licenses - and all upgrades. Annual renewals are already discounted 30%, but this special offer means you will now also save 30% on your first year.

Trust me, too.... this dude EARNS your license renewals. He updates very frequently (pretty much weekly). He is insanely available for support.

I don't know how I would be running my business as it is set up now without WP Fusion. It simply makes SO many things possible. Best thing ever. I'm a huge fan.

And, of course, I am available personally to help you implement WP Fusion. It does so much that you can sometimes go a little cross-eyed with it. I'll help you, if needed. Trust me, it's worth it. Especially if you want to build a well oiled membership site.

Deal only available Friday through Monday. Enter coupon code BFCM2020 to lock it in.


Need a learning management system for your online courses? Look no further than LearnDash. This is what I am now using inside THE LAB. And I should have done it long ago. You can see my full review of LearnDash here.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two days of the whole year where you can lock in LearnDash for the lowest possible price. But, this time is a bit different because...

Word is, they're about to increase their price anyway.

So, on Black Friday (Nov 27th), use coupon code BF2020 to lock in a full 50% discount. On Cyber Monday, use CM2020 to lock in 50% off for one final time.

Honestly, that's an impressive discount. Especially considering they're about to increase the price anyway.

LearnDash is absolutely the gold standard for online course software in WordPress. There are other options, we know. But, LearnDash is the gold standard. Very well supported. Does everything. And it is why I personally chose it and run my own membership with it.

Deals only available on Friday and Monday. Be sure to use the correct code on each day.

Thrive Themes

You guys know I'm a big advocate and user of Thrive Themes tools. Most specifically, Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder.

But, here's the thing...

As much as I'd love to tell you they're offering a discount, they are not. Thrive Themes simply does not do any seasonal sales at all. They never discount their software. And they have their reasons and I understand and respect them. What they do is an UnBlackFriday... where they take 50% of all revenue they generate and donate it to Kiva to help people in poverty build businesses and see new opportunities. That's a great cause.

So, here's what I can do here...

When you purchase a Thrive Themes Membership during this Black Friday week through the Blog Marketing Academy via this link, I will do two things:

  1. We will hook you up with my special training course inside THE LAB: Over The Shoulder With Thrive Themes. No charge at all.
  2. We will credit your account with 1 tech service credit - which you can then use to have us come in and directly assist you with any setup matters you might have with implementing Thrive tools on your site.

Can't make it any better than that. That's me standing behind my recommendation of Thrive Themes about as much as I can. 


When it comes to page builders, I make no secret of the fact that I think Thrive Architect is better and easier to use than Elementor. However...

I do own a pro license to Elementor, too. And I actually use it. The reason is...

Integrations. Pure and simple.

Elementor has immense third-party support. A lot of other systems are built to work alongside Elementor with add-ons. For me personally, I do have Elementor running inside THE LAB on some pages because BuddyBoss has direct integration with it. The LAB Dashboard was built with Elementor. WP Fusion also works directly with Elementor to make any page element you want controlled by tags in your CRM.

So, Elementor is a really great tool to have in your arsenal... even if I think Architect is easier to use. As awesome as Thrive Themes is, it does not have third-party add-on support. Unfortunately.

From November 24th through December 2nd, Elementor is offering discounts of 25% on the "Expert" plan, and 10% off the Plus plans.

It is a good deal. In fact, I think I'm going to upgrade my current Personal license to "Expert" using this special offer.


ThriveCart. This thing is my jam. It now sits there at the center of my business as my only shopping cart for everything.

You can read my full Thrivecart review here.

Now, ThriveCart is rare in that it is still currently available with a lifetime membership. I cannot overstate how incredible this is.... to get software of this caliber without any recurring fees. Most carts of this caliber would be priced in the $100-$200 range PER MONTH. Easy. Without breaking a sweat.

So, ThriveCart is ALL about increasing your financial leverage. It gives you a powerful selling platform for anything you want. Without ever needing to worry about recurring fees.

Now, since it is available with a lifetime plan and will not remain that way, ThriveCart is not offering up discounts for Black Friday week. It would make no sense for them to do that.

But, that doesn't mean I can't sweeten it up a bit here. 🙂

I've  been asked a few times whether I have a bonus course available for ThriveCart. Not yet, I do not. I intend to. But, not yet. So, here's what we're going to do...

  • I will put you on my internal list to get the free hookup to that bonus ThriveCart course when it is done.
  • I am going to put 2 (yes, two) technical service credits on your member account which you can then redeem anytime for any tech service you want. I can directly help you implement ThriveCart into your business and figure out the ropes.

In order to get those 2 service credits (value of $200), you need to secure your lifetime ThriveCart account before the end of Monday.

When you buy it, just forward us your receipt and be sure you at least have the free Starter membership in the LAB. Once we verify things, we'll add those 2 service credits to your account at no charge.

If ThriveCart is right for you, I'd like to help you get it set up and realize it's potential. 'Nuf said.


ConvertBox is awesome. Rather than repeat myself, I'll just point to some of my past writings about it...

You can read my full review here. If you want to check out some of the cool strategies you can do with it, click here.

Now, since ConvertBox is available on a lifetime deal (just like Thrivecart), they're not doing a Black Friday deal either. It would make no sense for them, and I get that.

So, I'm going to sweeten the offer up on my own here:

  • We will grant you complementary access to my course, ConvertBox Essentials. This course will walk you through using ConvertBox. Not just a repeat of their documentation, but also you will be able to watch over my shoulder as I implement specific marketing strategies using ConvertBox.
  • I will add 1 technical service credit to your member account ($100 value). You can then use this for any done-for-you work that you need done, whether it is with ConvertBox or not. 

This offer is available through Monday then goes away.

Special Deals On Services

Now, all this talk about tools, I know that some people have difficulty implementing this stuff sometimes. For that reason, I do offer Technical Services.

And, on a few of the deals above, you can secure service credits as a bonus for purchasing one of my recommended tools via my affiliate links. I'm going to take it one step further...

Through the end of our Black Friday deal period, you can purchase as many tech service credits as you want at a 15% discount off the normal rates. Click here to learn more...

This discount applies to the normal, non-member rate. Keep in mind, LAB PRO members automatically receive a 25% discount on technical service. So, as always, it pays to be a PRO member. 🙂 And, if you lock in a LIFETIME membership, you will have permanent access to that 25% discount, anytime you want it.

OK, now... just one more thing...

Announcing: The Next Business Building Bootcamp

The Business Building Bootcamp  has been one of the most popular courses in our Course Library.

Originally delivered as a live workshop, it is done specifically to walk people through a workable process of starting an online business from scratch. No product. No list. No website, even.

Well, it is time to do it again.

Starts In January 2021

Now, I don't have all the details worked out yet, but here's what I'm thinking...

We are going to do it as a member challenge instead of a workshop format. Lessons will be shorter and more action-oriented and released in real-time. Instead of forcing people into a schedule to attend a live webinar, I will record it and publish it inside our interactive environment in the LAB.

Since it will be a member challenge, we will make it interactive via comments on every lesson, so you can ask any question you want and I'll answer it there for the benefit of all. I will be taking people's questions and answering them in VIDEO format and posting those as part of the Bootcamp.

This will be an interactive course that members will CO-CREATE with me by helping shape the content as we go by way of questions. But, all done in a way that doesn't require you to adapt to a live presentation schedule.

We will all go through it together.

This new, interactive Business Building Bootcamp will be open to all active LAB PRO members. And so...

This is a great time to lock in that lifetime LAB PRO membership. Not only will you have access to all of the benefits of membership, but you'll also be able to participate in the new Bootcamp challenge and have lifetime access to all the archives for it.

If you would like real, plain-English and interactive help to build your online business, I think this upcoming Bootcamp is going to be a really valuable experience.

I'm looking forward to it. This will be a new way of delivering a course for me. 

The likely start date for this experience will be right after the turn of the new year. We're going to make 2021 awesome - regardless of the noise of the world.


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2020 Black Friday Deals (And How To Make The Most Of This Week)

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