The Blog Monetization Business Model [VIDEO]

An exclusive training video which gives the bird’s eye view of the most effective blog monetization business model that exists.


Blog monetization can often feel like a losing proposition – but that’s only the case if you don’t have a game plan.

When you don’t have a game plan, then you end up grasping at straws. You’ll end up stuffing more and more banner ad tags on your site. Or stuffing more and more affiliate links all over the place. It isn’t fun cluttering up your site like that, but it is made even worse when you see that you’re barely making any money with it anyway.

When you look at moving into the world of real online business, then it is easy to get overwhelmed. All these blog posts. All these webinars. All these different tactics – seemingly in no logical order.

How does it all fit together?

In the past, I introduced the Blog Revenue Optimization Funnel. I know not everybody saw that post, but it was a biggie.

And, until today, the only VIDEO walk-through I’ve ever done on this full model was exclusive only to my VIP members (now known as the Monetization Lab).

The Full Blog Monetization Model – Explained

What you’re about to do is “sit in” on a members-only “Office Hours” call. These office hours calls are one of the many benefits of Monetization Lab members.

These calls start out with a training portion – where I dive into strategy and tactics. Then, from there we move into Q&A.

Well, shortly after I initially introduced the Blog Revenue Optimization Funnel, I used the “Office Hours” call to do a full video walk-through. And, what follows below is the training portion of that call.

It is 29 minutes long – and I promise it is worth it. Here it is…


I want you to build out this business model for yourself. I want you to experience the wins and the lifestyle enhancements that can come along with it.

But, I’ve been around long enough to know that the chances that you’ll figure it all out on your own are pretty low. It is just an odds thing. There’s a reason why 81% of bloggers never even make $100 in an entire year with their sites.

I’ve given you the overview of what we’re building. But, as the old saying goes… “the devil is in the details”. 🙂

When it comes to actually building out each component of this structure, that’s where it is easy to get overwhelmed again and lose sight of what we’re doing.

That’s why I focus so hard on the Monetization Lab. Every course, every action plan moving forward… it is all aligned around implementing some aspect of the business model above. And through the calls and the ongoing discussion and coaching inside the Mastermind community, I do everything I can to shorten your runway, to keep you from going off the rails, and to keep your eye on the ball.

That’s something I’m fairly good at. I guess after 17 years of doing this, I’m in a position to see the big picture and help guide people through the maze. Also helps that I’ve been in the trenches for quite awhile, and I’ve messed up alot, too. 🙂

So, trying to do all this by consuming random blog posts or attending people’s webinars is going to be really difficult – probably impossible.

… or you can get the shortcut by putting the Monetization Lab into your arsenal.


I’m holding a special offer on your Lab subscriptiononly for the next few days – as a sort of “kick off” for the rebranding of the program. You can, of course, join us at any time. No false scarcity there. 🙂 However, the special 44% discount that you can only get via this page will disappear soon.

Hope you found this training valuable! If so, spread the word.

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