Why So Many Bloggers Recommend Bluehost or Hostgator Hosting (And Why I Don’t)

Some real talk about why so many bloggers recommend Bluehost and Hostgator. Here’s something you need to know, and why I do NOT recommend these companies to my readers.

  • Tom Drake says:

    I agree completely David, I use WP-Engine for my high traffic sites and Siteground for my smaller sites. Both are great options that have built in caching and one-click Let’s Encrypt for free SSL. Add free Cloundflare and you’re really cooking!

  • Manolo M says:

    Siteground, as much as i love their support has this “CPU” problem happening a bit too often, and they never give a clear answer why this happens… a web site that was running (a bit slowly but running) on a 29 $ per year was taken down to all their plans but the go geek, due to cpu limitation.
    I switched back to other hosting got a 48 $ / year pack + cdn for image (s3 offload) + wp rocket and I am happy about that…
    I still use Siteground, coz I think Sitegorund is perfect for low traffic (around 1-2000/day) websites which sell stuff…
    but if you are running an higher traffic site (5K/day… still ridiculous) well i d think about it

    • David Risley says:

      Good feedback, however Siteground will totally scale up with you. You have no business trying to run a site which gets 1-2000 visitors per day on a $29/year or even a $48/year hosting account. “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. 🙂 I don’t fault Siteground for that.

  • Steve says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I researched a bunch of hosts a few months ago and Siteground stood out like a sore thumb for its quality. Many others, including Bluehost screwed things up from the start.

  • Jerry says:

    Thanks. This is a useful post.
    My own, low traffic (at this stage 🙂 ) site is hosted on an older GoDaddy platform. That’s unimpressive and GoDaddy’s approach to the upgrade is even more unimpressive. Basically a matter of write off what you have and buy a whole new service.
    Our company website is hosted on Bluehost. Nothing stands out in their service, either good or bad after 2 years, except the adherence to PHP 5, when WordPress is saying the current requirement is PHP 7.
    I have heard of Siteground before – perhaps they will have a new customer before long!

  • Emmerey Rose says:

    Very helpful information David. I’ll now have to check Siteground since you personally recommend it 🙂

  • Brian K says:

    I have already been using SiteGround’s GrowBig plan since Nov 2016. And I loved it, especially their tech support and service are great and prompt. I have no problems so far with SG. FYI, the sites are hosted using SSDs and in-house SuperCacher for WordPress. In short, the service is good. 🙂

  • Danielle says:

    Someone is finally speaking to me…I am so mad, the Bluehost is for people that blog for fun. They crashed my site. Twice! Affiliates. They did offer me 12 months free on top of my current hosting which I am now stuck with. It is fine for small sites, and their help is getting better, also it helps if you ‘demand’ to speak to the manager not the guy on the help desk.

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