Things have changed for me in the last few months.

One thing about running an online business is that you’re constantly learning… and evolving. And, if you’re not… if you’re playing the stupid game of “follow the leader”… then you’re just stagnating.

Now, there is some strategy to it all behind the scenes… and some things I’m still figuring out.

But, the podcast launch was a fragment of it.

I’ve got another project I’m working on privately (and hope to unleash soon) that is another huge fragment of it.

But, there’s another thing…

Listen Up, Because This Is Important…

We’ve all heard the saying “the money is in the list”.

You’ve heard about the importance of building your list. And the whole free giveaway thing to get on the list.

But, that is SUCH an incomplete story!

And, perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself. For instance, has any of this happened to you?

  • You’ve had a nice giveaway offer as an opt-in “bribe” and it STILL didn’t spike your opt-in rates much.
  • You get them on your list, but then they unsubscribe shortly thereafter.
  • They get on your list, then get pissed when you actually email them. (I know, it is weird, but it happens).
  • You have a hard time getting them to click on things and take any action.

The thing is… the game is changing. And a lot of what I now personally employ with my own email marketing… HAS CHANGED.

The big “gurus” are changing, too. Or running for the hills because they realize they’ve been burning their lists out and it is now catching up to ’em.

If you’ve gotten on lists, only to then file them away into a folder and barely ever read them… then – once again – that’s a sign that THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

And, it has changed for YOU, too… whether you know it or not.

Thing is, if you don’t know it and keep trying to do things the same ‘ol way, your results will be mediocre at best.

Special, Private Workshop On This, For Master Your List students

There is so much to share. And I decided to do a special training workshop as part of the Master Your List program.

This is an addendum to the training that is already in there. We’re going to get into some new, advanced email marketing strategies… things that are working right now.

Oh, and understanding this will make you a better blogger, too. It’ll make sense once you see it. It delves right into the psychology of your reader… and how that affects the way you write your emails.

Big results from tiny lists.

I’m personally in the process of implementing this stuff in both segments of my business.

This special webinar will be on Wednesday, 3/28. That’s next week. It will be recorded, but ONLY made available to people who are actively enrolled in Master Your List BEFORE that webinar is delivered.

I’m big on over-delivering, which means all previously enrolled students of Master Your List will have free access to this training. After all, it is an update to the program. 🙂

Just like THEY have free access to this updated training, YOU’LL have lifetime updates to this email marketing training from here on out. But, only if you enroll, of course.

… and get access to this new training which shows how I’m changing around my email marketing strategy… and why you need to be doing the same.

Your email list is your most important asset. If you’re not treating is as such, you’re screwing yourself. Period.

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