How To Use Email Segments To Get Higher Open Rates

One of the things that we all want with our email list is high open rates. We want to know that when we send out…

  • Dear David,

    Super piece of advice…I never thought of this great strategy.

    Thanks for your always, valuable help.


  • SI says:

    What about the fact people can read emails in Outlook and other providers that show the email content without opening them. I believe they are not counted as open are they? So is it a good idea to assume that people are not opening your emails? Many of them might be reading them without us knowing.

    • David Risley says:

      That’s true.

      But, then again, a click counts as an open. So, write emails which are designed to get them to click and act. And, occasionally, you can even send a “reactivation” email, which is specifically designed to tell them to click on the link to do something.

      If, at that point, they’re not doing anything at all – then they’re very likely not reading the emails at all.

  • Mirsad says:

    Hi David, my biggest concern is to actually know when people open my e-mails. I am using Aweber and they charge you after amount of subscribers, not how many people actually opens your e-mail. In other words, by keeping people on my list that I don’t actually have control over because I have no clue of whether they open my e-mail I am losing money…

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