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"This is a phenomenal program. I tend to be quite "airy" in my nature, "going with the flow" and enjoying whatever is next as much as possible, but it often getting me in trouble when it comes down to having real, consistent results and not constantly struggling to make something happen when I am up against a deadline. This program has helped me create a real, straight-forward plan and gave me the tools to work the plan in a way that will clearly help me realize my dreams. Thanks David!"

Brandy McCanns

"The Lab is an incredible resource. The quantity and quality of the content is definitely way above what you'll find in most online training material. The roadmap alone (to guide you through the material) is worth double or triple the price of your membership."

James G.

"No one else really seems to have put such a system like this that is structured like you have."

Cameron S.

"I am so glad I found the Lab. It is EXACTLY the support I need to make progress in figuring out my own product and marketing strategy. The Lab's approach is different from any other course I've seen and it really speaks to me."

Jean Bahls

"I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went... only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!"

Jan M.