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The Product Creation Blueprint

A Full Blueprint For Planning And Building An Information Product That Is Truly Effective And Converts

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How do you make a product which actually sells?

How do you make it effective and truly get results?

And how do you make it look 'pro'... and finally get it DONE?

Let's be clear on one very simple thing...

You don't have an online business at all until you have something to offer. Something to SELL.

It can be cute and fun to spin around with banner ads and affiliate links, but let's face it: The real money isn't made until you have your own product.

After all, that's what businesses do. They provide a product people want and they sell it.

So, if you would like to make respectable money from your blogging, there's one simple starting point...

Create your product.

Even if you already have a blog set up and going, you honestly haven't even approached the starting line yet if you don't have at least one product to sell.

Online Training Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Building online training is huge business. A few stats for you:

  •, in early 2015, estimated the eLearning market to be $107 billion for 2015
  •, a major online learning portal, took on a $103 million investment in 2013
  • The global e-learning market is expected to increase about 13% annually
  • Official schools getting into it, too. In 2012, 62.4% of all colleges and universities offered fully online programs.
  • sees a 200% rise in revenue selling online courses, year-on-year

This is clearly a very big industry.

And moving beyond numbers to just my own gut feeling...

I think this is the way things will be moving in the future. We have a massive bubble in the world of college education. Massive amounts of college debt out there. As that bubble bursts, I think you're going to see a reset of education. I think the efficiency and cost of online education will lead to a growing cottage industry of on-demand, online training.

The future of education will be outcome-based, on-demand, and online.

And whether you publish a product in e-book format, publish a course on Udemy, or (my preferred way) to self-publish a course and sell it on your own website... there's a lot of revenue potential here for you.

But, it requires you to actually plan it and MAKE it.

I've Made A Lot Of Products Over The Years...

I've made all kinda of products, including CD-ROM's, DVDs, e-books, printed books and a LOT of online training courses.Here's some of the products I made for my first major online business, which was a large technology blog...

I've also created (obviously) a number of different information products for bloggers. My first major course was Blog Masters Club (pictured below)...

... and I went on from there to create a bunch of different courses. All of them are now found inside the The Lab here at Blog Marketing Academy.

I know how to create products.

I've done a lot of it.And you know what?...

It isn't nearly as complicated as some make it out to be.

This is such an important issue - so core to your future as an online entrepreneur - that wanted to simplify it.

The Blog Marketing Academy is on a mission to create - through people like yourself - a large wake of profit-making blogs. But, in order to do that, you've got to have products to sell.

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The Product Creation Blueprint

Here's What's Inside
The Product Creation Blueprint

This course includes...

  • 17 Individual Training Videos
  • 2 Hours, 6 Minutes Total
  • Includes downloadable worksheet Aids
  • Includes Transcripts, Slide and Audio Downloads

You Will Discover...

  • How to get "inside the head" of your potential customer to find out what they REALLY want you to make
  • How to nail down the outcome you intend to deliver (with specific worksheets to guide you through it)
  • How to outline the full scope of your offer and ensure your product will match up to it
  • How to determine the product formats you should use (but based around your customer experience, not simply your gut feeling)
  • The instructional psychology behind the very structure of your product - and how it has everything to do with them getting results
  • How to control and map their progress through the product to ensure REAL delivery (and future testimonials)
  • The 7 learning styles and how to build each of them into your product design
  • How to map out each training piece to ensure maximum understanding and application
  • The full "routing" of your student through the course, from beginning, middle, to the end
  • The huge downfalls of creating effective online training - and how to avoid them
  • The scheduling hack you can use to actually ensure your product gets done
  • The full list of every single tool I use to create my own products
  • How to do "onboarding" via email for all new students so they get the full experience

Let's Get Your Product DONE!

I made this training in order to take the overwhelm out of product creation.

I want you to have a system for doing it. I want the product you make to be effective. I want you to get your product DONE so that you can officially be ready to make SALES.

For this limited opportunity, you can secure the full Product Creation Blueprint for just $20. This is 58% off the normal price of $47.

But, this is a limited offer... only for people who have just opted in for the Product Idea Generator. After all, this seems like the perfect fit for you if creating your product is part of your agenda.

So, I need you to make your decision now. However, your access to this training will be FOR LIFE. It will be set up for you inside The Lab using a limited membership and you can take your sweet time going through it and implementing things.

But, the time to start is NOW.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Guarantee?

​Yep. Everything I offer here at the Academy is covered by the same 30-day, no questions asked, “change your mind” guarantee.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. If you just change your mind (hey, it happens), then same thing. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, and my experience has been that I have very low refund rates. But, its simple. You want it back, you’ll get it back.

How long until I get access to it?

Immediately. The training exists now and, as soon as you get your login info in your email box, you’ll gain access to the whole thing.

Being the first one, I may make some additions and “tweaks” to this Action Plan over time, but this isn’t some kind of “timed release” or anything. Its all there, ready to go.

Why This Discounted Price?

I certainly don’t like to run a business which is constantly discounting things. That isn’t a good business plan. And the stuff I make is good, if I do say so myself.

This discount is reserved for brand new subscribers… to allow non-members the opportunity to grab an Action Plan tightly related to your interest but without having to get a whole Lab membership.

I also believe that once you experience this training, perhaps you’ll want more. Perhaps you’ll even consider upgrading to the full Lab where you get access to every single training resources we have.

So, that’s it. No gotchas. No hidden trial offers. I’m just making it accessible. I want the opportunity to serve you as a customer… and if you want more, awesome. If not, that’s fine, too.