You’ve probably heard by now how awesome a membership site is. It really is the hottest online business model going right now. Not only that, it is ideal for bloggers.

The possibilities with a membership site are many. While a recurring revenue model is nice, it isn’t necessary. Instead of selling some e-book, you could put the same information into a membership site and sell that as a one-time access fee. A membership site can be as large or as small as you want it to be. It is very flexible and you can make changes on the fly as you learn new things about your market.

These days, Wordpress makes an awesome membership site platform. Not only that, most of us feel at home inside of Wordpress already. 🙂 And, as I cover in this video, if you tack Wishlist Member and OptimizePress onto Wordpress, you have a simple, yet POWERFUL platform from which to build.

Last week, I did a public workshop where I covered exactly what the title says: The Quickest Path to a Market-Ready Membership Site. This video is right at an hour in length. Toward the end, I reveal an offer which I spell will spell out right below the video…


Click here to download the reference PDF which goes along with this presentation.

Now, as I mentioned in the presentation, I will be holding an exclusive Q&A session only with people who buy their copy of Optimizepress through me. In this Q&A, I’ll answer any question you have for me, including specific questions about Optimizepress and setting things up, your marketing – anything about how to get your own membership site set up. And, depending on logistics, I plan to open up the mic and talk to everybody, rather than me just reading your questions.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Buy your copy of Optimizepress through this link –> Optimizepress.
  2. When you get your receipt, simply forward it to me via email. My email is presented in the workshop video. Otherwise, simply use the contact form. Don’t want the spammers to get all giddy with an email address on a public blog post, you know. 😉
  3. You must act before this coming Thursday, February 10th, at 4PM EST. After that time, I will be gathering everybody who responds together and running a survey to find out the best time for our call. Then, I’ll be scheduling it. Now, realize I can’t necessarily satisfy everybody with the time I choose for the call, so it will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time via email. I’ll also go further, and open up email access so we can have a little back-and-forth help session to get things worked out for you.

If you intend to put together any membership site, a sales page, or a squeeze page (to build your list), I know you’re going to be happy with Optimizepress. This is truly one of the most useful Wordpress themes to come down the pike in quite some time.

Hope to see many smart bloggers on my Q&A call. 🙂

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