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With all the talk about the need to test everything and run thousands of split-tests, I think in the beginning you can throw all of that stuff right out the window. In this video, I talk about what the MOST important thing to test is.

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In this world of online marketing, the common saying is that you have to test everything. But on top of that, what is really the most important thing that you should be testing? I’m going to talk about that in this video.


In the world of online marketing; very commonly, here is the idea of testing things. And we talk about split testing. And people love to read about these case studies in various split tests and what things have worked out there. And we love doing that because we think that if we do those things; well, they’ve done the intelligence for us and if we just do that, then our conversion rates and opt-in rates are going to go up and things like that. But for most people, you shouldn’t be worrying about any of that and you shouldn’t be doing any split testing quite as yet.

Here is the most important thing to test, first. That is your OFFER. You need to test your offer first before you start worrying about testing headlines, before you start worrying about whether you should have an image to the left or to the right or which image works best, little things that you can split test. You need to come down and focus on the most fundamental thing and that is your offer.

Do people want what you’re giving them? It’s really that simple.

So, how do you go about actually determining that and actually testing your offer? Are you going to go and start getting into a bunch of split testing? Well, that’s one way to go. But here’s another way that you can go… you can actually ask people what they want. Pretty simple, huh?

So, here’s the thing. I have a course inside the Academy that is called “Discover Your Business Model“. One of the big things that I want you to get out of that course when you do it is to actually figure out what offer you are going to be making but also give some verification whether that offer is going to work, hence the idea of discovering your business model. There’s a process we go through in that course where you can actually verify whether the people that you are going to be serving are going to want what you think you want to give them. It is really that simple.

There’s one thing here that you create something and then throw it out there and see what happens. But then you’re risking wasting a lot of time when you do that. The better way to go is to do some leg work at the beginning and really look at – are people going to want what it is that I’m selling? And then once you see there are some signs of demand there and you are making some sales, then you can start doing the split testing in the headlines and all that.

But you can’t do the split testing when your sales are zero and your traffic is zero. And the thing is that, what makes that happen is a crappy offer. They’re not clicking with your offer. So you need to test the offer. You need the way that you put the offer together and the various things that you include in the offer, and the bonuses that you put in the offer and make it so that people are actually going to want it. Make it to work that that part is really not a factor anymore before you start worrying about conversion split testing on your sales page, okay?

Same thing with your opt-in offers by the way, don’t worry about split testing opt-in forms and different colors and stuff if you do not even know whether people want the thing that you are giving them to get them into your list.

So, first things first. Don’t worry about split testing. Don’t worry about all these fancy things that internet marketers talk about. Look at your offer; does anybody want it?

And when it comes to actually forming the foundation of your business which is going to be your offer, then I would definitely recommend that you check out my latest course called “Discover Your Business Model” here inside the Blog Marketing Academy, which will guide you through that entire process. And really turn your blog from this “monetization” thing that everybody talks about, into a real business. That’s the entire point of the course. Okay?

See you soon! 🙂


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