Welcome to the Blog Marketing Academy.

I’m David Risley. So glad you’re here!

What you will find here is a mix between business strategy and technical walk-throughs. I cover topics such as membership sitessite buildingmarketing automationtrafficentrepreneurship, and more. Additionally, you’re going to see that I routinely provide tool and plug-in reviews so you can build the “plumbing” to make it all work.

The Blog Marketing Academy contains hundreds of articles, hundreds of hours of training videos over multiple courses and workshops, a document librarycommunity forums, and much more.

For those who want more direct personal help, I offer technical servicescoaching calls and even a Concierge service where I will be your “web guy” and deal with the technical stuff on your site for you.

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I use THE EDGE to share insights from the business, behind-the-scenes lessons, new tools I’m coming across, news from the WordPress space and more. I make a point to make THE EDGE a balance between business, technology and lessons from the entrepreneurial journey I’ve been on for over 25 years now.

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Check out some of my best content in the following areas…

Remove the hassle of WordPress tech by bringing me on as your “web guy”. Don’t spend countless hours figuring out how to do it yourself… or scowling Odesk and Fiverr wondering who you can actually trust. As a Concierge client, you will always know who to go to.

Concierge clients will also get hands-on maintenance, access to privacy-friendly analytics, ability to use plugins from my agency software bundle (saving a ton on recurring license fees), and much more.

Courses For Doing It Yourself…

Membership Site Blueprint

A full beginning-to-end blueprint on creating a profitable membership site – which can literally BE your entire business.
Finding Your Blog Niche

Finding Your Niche

This course is all about discovering, evaluating and ultimately deciding on your niche.

How To Step Into Your A Game

Shed the overwhelm and confusion so you can make your best progress.

The Finisher’s Formula

A plain-English and real-world application of the Theory of Constraints in order to detect and bust through what’s holding you back.

Email Marketing Engine

What gets sent to your email subscribers after they opt-in? We call it the Email Marketing Engine. Here’s how to build a powerful email system to fuel your business.

Perfect Blog Blueprint

Learn the strategies to turn your blog into a strategically designed content marketing environment, primed for conversion.

Business Building Bootcamp

Build your online business from scratch – together. This all new, interactive member challenge is beginning.

Building A Content Marketing Plan

Here’s how to step off the rat-wheel of date-based blogging… and into systematic and strategic approach to content that drives revenue.

Product Creation Blueprint

A Full Blueprint For Planning And Building An Information Product That Is Truly Effective And Converts

One Page Online Business Plan

Develop an online business plan that is actually useful – and do it on one sheet of paper. Full walk-through.

The Redwood Strategy For Bloggers

Expanded Redwood Strategy

A simple system for high-leverage blogging, getting predictable traffic, and growing your business using your blog.