Welcome to the Blog Marketing Academy. I'm David. Together, we're going to build YOU an amazing blog which helps others and - yes - makes money at the same time.

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You're going to need a few essential tools in order to get started. I strongly suggest that you not go on an unguided shopping spree. There are so many potential tools one could buy, but you don't need them all. Not even remotely.

You need 3 things in the beginning - and that's it! They are: (a) web hosting, (b) email list hosting, (c) landing page and opt-in form creator.

After TONS of trial and error and years of experience, here are my recommendations:

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is the best game in town for marketing-focused themes and tools. You can use their powerful themes for your site design, but that's not the best part. Their Thrive Architect product enables anybody to create any page they want without knowing any geeky code. Their Thrive Leads tool enables powerful opt-in forms. For the best deal, I recommend their membership to get access to every single tool they offer. That's what I use - and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Aweber Email Marketing

In my opinion, Aweber is the best all-around solution to host your email list in the beginning. In fact, they'll grow with you quite nicely. They're one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry.

SiteGround Web Hosting

You need to self-host your blog and not rely on free hosting for a number of reasons. The hosting space is very competitive and they can all begin to look the same. My recommendation is Siteground. For more on why, you can read this post and this post.

Last but not least, if you're just starting out with a proper online business, then I want to point you to my most popular online training which is just for you.

It is called the Business Building Bootcamp.