OK, Your Mission Is Simple (If You Choose To Accept It)...


(without it running your life)

Here's The Simple Truth...

Most bloggers don't make any money even though they try.

Now, it's probably weird to start this whole thing off with such a downer, but it's important that you know the reality of things here.

The question is... why?

Is it because they're not creating enough content? Hehe... no.

Is it because they're not posting enough banner ads? No. Is it because Google is being a pain in the butt? Well, no.

No, the reason is much more fundamental than any of that.

Most bloggers have not built a real business behind their blog. They have no system - no model to follow. So, instead, they fly by the seat of their pants and make no money doing it.

Here at the Blog Marketing Academy, we do things differently. So, the question for you is...

Do you accept this mission?

Good! Let's Get Started!

Step #1

Download The Niche Finder

Contrary to what most would say, I do not recommend you start this journey by setting up your blog. Not if you have business intentions.

Sequence of actions matters. Most people will fly right into Wordpress installation without any earthly idea if the blog idea they have has any legs or not. We'll do things differently. VERY differently.

We need to nail down your niche, first. But, instead of looking at it as a "topic to blog about", we're going to look at it as product/market fit. In other words, will the things we offer match the market and does it prove itself out by them actually doing what we ask?

We're going to evaluate the niche first and, if it passes certain tests, we're going to proceed into flushing it out into an actual business concept.

From there, we're going to PROVE it. And only once we have something which has shown to work by way of actual sales, do we start the blog.

By the time you move strongly into your blogging, you'll do it based on full confidence that it'll be worth your while.

So, first step.... download my Niche Profits Finder.

I'll send it to your email inbox right away. While you are waiting for it, proceed to the next step below...

Get the Niche Profits Finder Worksheet

The exact components that make a niche worth pursuing. Includes the 5 Lists For Profits, the 2-step Audience "Drill Down", and 5 specific niche tests to run your ideas through.

Step #2

Gather The Essentials

Now, once you go through those niche tests, it'll be time to do some actual testing. What's more, we have a specific process we teach here at the Academy on how to do that. It doesn't involve doing a bunch of blogging either!

In order to proceed, you'll need a few basic tools.​

First and foremost... don't go collecting a ton of tools right now! There are lots of shiny objects and we can explore that stuff later. But, right now​, you only need 3 things:

  1. A web host (so you have someplace to put your stuff)
  2. A theme that is actually conducive to business.
  3. An email list host to house your most valuable asset - your list.​

After years of doing this, here's what I personally recommend to you as the essentials to get started...

Siteground Web Hosting

Lots of "gurus" out there recommend Bluehost. And they're OK. But trust me when I say Siteground is better. I personally had a site hacked on Bluehost and their support was lackluster. Siteground is a better run operation, their support is stellar, and it is a higher value for your dollar.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is the best game in town now for marketing-focused themes. Their Content Builder provides infinite flexibility to create any kind of page you want. Their landing pages are conversion-focused. I now recommend Thrive Themes as the "best bang for your buck". For one price, you gain access to several tools which will make setting up your business so much easier. This very page was built using Thrive... and I didn't do any special coding for it. You can do it, too.

Aweber Email Marketing

I have been using Aweber for over a decade. They are tried and true, integrate with pretty much everything, and they are a great home for your valuable email list. While I no longer use Aweber for the Blog Marketing Academy, I still use Aweber for another project and continue to recommend them to people first starting out.

Step #3

Get The Blueprint

Once you have the basic tools (recommended above), then your next step is to proceed to a training workshop which is specifically geared to people just starting out.

If you're starting from scratch, this is your next step. If you are already blogging, but have no product, no real email list, then this next step is for you, too.