Want to build a blog that fuels the life you want to live? Need help building your business up and working out the tech to make it work? Without any complexity, hype, or bullcrap?

Great! That’s why I’m here. Let me introduce myself…

The Blog Marketing Academy is, in essence, a business school for blog owners. It is designed for bloggers, course creators, consultants, coaches… even small business owners. The goal is to build a blog which SELLS.

I’ve had students from all kinds of niches, including natural health, personal development, business, forex trading. Even chemistry tutoring, piano tuning and playing blues guitar – in German (not kidding… his name is Christoph).

If your intention is to build a blog which forms the foundation of a real business, then that’s what the Academy is all about. If you want to drive new leads and sales using content marketing, that’s what we do here. If you want to use your blog to automate and scale a coaching or service business… yep, we do that, too.

In addition to that, I’m all about helping you build your platform. To build a website (based on WordPress) that can power and automate your business and therefore help fuel the life you want to live.

Who Is Behind This Site?

That’d be me. My name is David Risley.

founded a technology blog in 1998 and grew it into a six-figure, multi-author publication which was found in media like PC World, PC Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. I turned that site into a commercial success using a combination of advertising, affiliate revenue, online courses, writing and selling books and CDs, and even a membership site before it was cool. 

After 10 years in that niche, I founded the Blog Marketing Academy. Since 2008, I have worked with thousands of students on their blogs and membership sites, in every niche you could think of. All of this has now been brought to THE LAB, the training and support platform of the Blog Marketing Academy.

Not to toot my own horn, but my unique combination of both a tech & marketing background gives me a unique ability to not only help people with growing their business, but also untangling the technology and making their site work for them.

I’m not all business, though. I’m an avid lover of RV travel and I love to travel with my wife and 2 kids in our 36-foot motorhome. I love that I can run my business from anywhere… and when I’m not in my home office in Florida, you’ll probably find me sitting in a folding chair, in a campsite somewhere… maybe smoking a cigar.

If you’re curious about my back story, click here to read my personal story. Plus, some seriously weird facts about your’s truly. 😉

How To Get Started (For Free)

The way to get started is to register your FREE membership in THE LAB. That’s our training, community and support platform for the Academy. And you can grab a free membership for life that will never expire.

You will be able to join our community, set up your profile, and ask questions (and actually get personal answers from me). You’ll have access to some of our best resources in the Vault, the occasional free workshop, and more.

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Once again... welcome.

I’m so glad you’re here. I look forward to getting to know you. And perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to help you build up your online business… whether it be on the strategy side of the technical side (or both).

Don’t forget, we’ve got a lot more here than just blog posts. And the way to get started is by registering your free account in THE LAB. Your account will give you access to resources not available here on the blog, our exclusive EDGE newsletter (sent every Monday), and our community forum (where I invite you to grill me anytime 🙂 ).

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