7 Ways To Use Your Autoresponder to Get More Traffic And More Money

An email autoresponder is a powerful tool for growing your blog and making more money. Here’s 7 specific uses for it to help you get started now.

  • Anja Skrba says:

    To learn what your subscribers want is very important… and I think Autoresponder is a great way to start a good relationship with them. After that it’s all between you and the subscriber.
    There’s also a lot of similar autoresponders for social medias – ex. I like the ones for Twitter where you can create a ‘Thank you for following’ reply (or whatever you want), which is also a great way of building a relationship with your followers!

    Have a great day David!

    Anja Skrba

  • David,

    Great timing. I’m setting one of these up this week. Real top-notch customer service right there!

    Do you have any figures for the best mix of showcasing vs. asking for feedback, etc.? I’m 100% sure you run split tests in your email campaigns. What gets the best results?

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