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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin In Your Online Business (Episode #159)

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In this episode of Coffee Break, we’re taking a little side road off the usual fare and discussing the issue of money itself.

Specifically, Bitcoin.

The reason I think this topic is important is because we have to understand the very medium we deal in when it comes to generating money with our business. Most of us deal in the US dollar and we tend to think that higher quantities of dollars is automatically better. But, when you look at the nature of the dollar itself and it’s colossal lack of purchasing power over the last few decades, we see that more isn’t necessarily better.

We run our businesses – or seek to build them – in order to provide purchasing power to ourselves.

So, we discuss Bitcoin here as something new. We’ll discuss the cryptocurrency and its advantages. Plus, we’re talking about 6 specific reasons why I think all business owners (but, especially online businesses) should be considering accepting Bitcoin payments as a payment option on their checkout pages.

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