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Facebook. It’s the big kahuna of the social media world, with about 1.9 billion monthly active users… and 1.23 billion active daily users.

Yes… every single day, roughly 1/7th of the entire population of planet Earth logs into Facebook.

That stat alone is mind-boggling. And yes, pretty much regardless of what niche you are in, the people that YOU want to reach with your blog and online business are on Facebook.

What’s more… Facebook is basically one big traffic store. You can literally go to them and BUY traffic using Facebook Ads.

With a pretty small investment, you can reliably and predictably grow your traffic, grow your list, and grow your revenue by using Facebook Ads to put your message right in front of the exact right kind of people for your niche.

It used to be that all this was optional. Just something the “big boys” did.

But, not anymore.

Like it or not, we live in a “pay to play” world now when it comes to traffic. Sure, it can still be done organically, but it is anything but predictable. And it isn’t even free because you’re spending insane amounts of time trying to build your traffic the old-fashioned way. And it doesn’t always even work.

These days, the ability to run paid traffic is an absolute necessity for any online business… big, small, or just starting from scratch.

And Facebook is where much of the action is happening.

I couldn’t build a business from scratch online today without paid ads. Even with all the experience I have with organic traffic, I truly don’t think I could do it today if I didn’t already have a platform to springboard from.

I would be using Facebook Ads immediately. No doubt about it.