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How do you make a product which actually sells?

How do you make it effective and truly get results?

And how do you make it look ‘pro’… and finally get it DONE?

Let’s be clear on one very simple thing…

You don’t have an online business at all until you have something to offer. Something to SELL.

It can be cute and fun to spin around with banner ads and affiliate links, but let’s face it: The real money isn’t made until you have your own product.

After all, that’s what businesses do. They provide a product people want and they sell it.

So, if you would like to make respectable money from your blogging, there’s one simple starting point…

Create your product.

Even if you already have a blog set up and going, you honestly haven’t even approached the starting line yet if you don’t have at least one product to sell.

Online Training Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Building online training is huge business. A few stats for you:

  •, in early 2015, estimated the eLearning market to be $107 billion for 2015
  •, a major online learning portal, took on a $103 million investment in 2013
  • The global e-learning market is expected to increase about 13% annually
  • Official schools getting into it, too. In 2012, 62.4% of all colleges and universities offered fully online programs.
  • sees a 200% rise in revenue selling online courses, year-on-year

This is clearly a very big industry.

And moving beyond numbers to just my own gut feeling…

I think this is the way things will be moving in the future. We have a massive bubble in the world of college education. Massive amounts of college debt out there. As that bubble bursts, I think you’re going to see a reset of education. I think the efficiency and cost of online education will lead to a growing cottage industry of on-demand, online training.

The future of education will be outcome-based, on-demand, and online.

And whether you publish a product in e-book format, publish a course on Udemy, or (my preferred way) to self-publish a course and sell it on your own website… there’s a lot of revenue potential here for you.

But, it requires you to actually plan it and MAKE it.