Lifetime Membership

Just hate renewals? Kinda like the idea of being able to just lock it in once and never have to think about it again? If that's you, then we do have the option of locking in a full-featured LAB PRO membership with an upfront, lifetime price.

As a lifetime member, you will get...

  • Every single course, workshop, office hours, the Roadmap, etc. Everything all other PRO members get, you'll get too.
  • Lifetime updates. Whenever we release a new course or workshop for PRO members, you'll get automatic access, too. Without anything further to pay.
  • Lifetime member support. All of the support resources of the PRO membership, you'll have. Forever.

The lifetime membership is not always available - and pricing can change at any time (always up, never down). If you're on this page and see buttons below to get started, then lifetime memberships are currently available and now is a great time for you to grab a spot.

1 Payment Of


Pay once. No renewals.
Lifetime updates and support.

3 Payments Of


Split it up into 3 monthly payments, then your lifetime membership is completed.

FAQ On Lifetime Memberships

Who is the lifetime membership for?

As you would expect, the lifetime membership is a bigger upfront investment. It is intended for people who want to "lock it in" and have no further payments to deal with or potentially forget about. It is for people who like the idea of not feeling rushed to do things... who are free to take as long as it takes without worry that you'll be racking up more monthly payments. Lastly, it is for people who can clearly see the value of having permanent, lifetime access to a resource like the LAB as you progress toward your goals.

How does the payment plan option work?

The payment plan is a way to lock in a lifetime membership without the full, upfront investment right away. Makes it a bit more accessible.

Your lifetime membership will be completed once all payments are made. If you cancel payments beforehand, it will be processed like any normal cancellation and your account will be downgraded.

What's included?

Everything that all other PRO members get, you'll get as well. There's no difference. You will get access to every single course in the main library, the tech library, the Roadmap, the workshops, the office hours - everything.

What does lifetime support mean?

All active PRO members get automatic access to any new course we release. They're automatically able to attend workshops or office hours. PRO members also have access to various support resources, such as the Help Hotline.

As a lifetime member, you are simply a PRO member that never expires. You have all the same access rights, but you never have any renewal payments. So, you will be treated like any other PRO member and will receive all updates and benefits as long as the Blog Marketing Academy remains online.

If I am a monthly or annual member, can I upgrade to lifetime?

Sure thing. If you are an annual member, get in touch with us and we can help you prorate any unused time for your year toward your lifetime. We don't credit past monthly renewals to lifetimes. If you want to upgrade to the lifetime membership, you can do so anytime this offer is available. We will then cancel your previous subscription so you will no longer be billed.

A Word From Dave

I can't wait to welcome you into THE LAB as a lifetime member. I look forward to a long-term relationship with you as you make progress on your business. I'll be here to help you.

One thing to know about THE LAB is that I try to make it as personal as possible. Unlike some, this isn't a big numbers game to me. There are enough companies out there that treat you like a number. Not here. You will find this to be a personal, friendly experience.

And keep in mind... it isn't just about the training that's on the inside. It is about the support, too. I'm here. My job is to help you... to get you over the little speed bumps. We're in this together - all of us. That's what THE LAB is all about.

See you inside shortly.