A little while ago, I wrote up a full blog post on why I decided to stop using Thrive Leads and switched to ConvertBox. And clearly, ConvertBox is very well positioned for email list building.

However, it has other uses, too. It is actually quite a flexible tool.

One such use is to actually use it on your membership site. Obviously, if somebody is a member on your membership site (whether free or paid), you already know who they are and they’re on your email list. ConvertBox is still quite handy to help make it really easy to make sure your members know what’s going on in your member community.

In this video (and post), I’m going to show you how you can use ConvertBox as an easy and pain-free way to do member announcements, upsells and much more.

Uses For ConvertBox In Your Membership Site

The important point to understand about ConvertBox is that it is not just about opt-in forms. It can do any kind of call to action.

Currently, you can use it for various formats, including:

  • Sticky Bar (like a HelloBar style ribbon at the top or bottom)
  • Center Modal (basically, a popup)
  • Full screen take-over (a popup, but it takes up the full screen)
  • Call Modal (a popup that slides in from the corner and looks like a chat widget)

Very soon you will also have the option for inline forms which can be embedded into the site and not use any form of overlay. Here’s a sneak peak of what that will look like when released:

While I’m definitely looking forward to the embedded forms, there is a certain simplicity to using the overlays – especially for a membership site.

With an overlay, there is ZERO need to modify your theme or mess around with shortcodes. Regardless of the platform you are using for your membership site, this system will work without any modifications or technical mumbo-jumbo.

Now, using ConvertBox on your membership site, you could do things like…

  • Member announcements of new features or new content
  • Time-specific announcements of upcoming events
  • Calls to action to invite them to upgrade to the next member level or make some kind of followup purchase
  • Invite them to register for an upcoming webinar

But, there are certain capabilities of ConvertBox that will definitely come in handy when using it in this way.

Display Location Rules

You probably won’t want all of your boxes to just blast every single member across your whole membership site. So, you can use display rules to control where they show up.

Using inclusion/exclusion rules, you can decide what pages of your membership the boxes will appear.

For instance, if you only want a member announcement to show up on your dashboard page, you can set up inclusion rule to only appear on that URL.

Likewise, let’s say you want a site-wide announcements, but you don’t want it to appear on any of the course lesson pages (since it would be distracting), you can use an exclusion rule to exempt all URLs containing the lesson page structure.

Personalized Targeting Rules

ConvertBox now has the awesome ability to control boxes based on the tags in your CRM. And unlike when I originally reviewed ConvertBox, you now have the ability to set up multiple rules at the same time.

For instance, if I wanted to target anybody who bought the Membership Site Blueprint course but is NOT a LAB member, I would set up rules like this:

As long as this person originally opted into my list using ConvertBox (which is  the case now since I use ConvertBox exclusively), then it will be able to see the tags on their profile and I can control it this way.

The possibilities here are pretty awesome. For instance, I could easily set up an upgrade offer in a ConvertBox that would only show up for people who are currently in a trial membership. Or, I could offer a lifetime membership after a person has been a member for a certain period of time. All this could be done with the use of tags in my email CRM (Drip), which would in turn trigger the correct ConvertBox.

Scheduled Announcements and Calls To Action

ConvertBox now has the ability to schedule any box using a start and end date. The use here for a membership site is pretty obvious.

Let’s say I had an Office Hours scheduled for LAB member. I could set up a reminder to popup when they enter THE LAB starting 7 days before the Office Hours and would automatically stop when the Office Hours begins.

Depending on what system you’re using for your member event (like a webinar system), you could even integrate that so that they would be tagged a certain way once they’re registered. Which, in turn, could turn off this ConvertBox so they don’t keep getting bugged for it after they sign up.

All boxes also have the ability to ensure it never shows up again for that user if the person dismisses it. This way you will never be annoying to your members, but still make sure they get the message.

Lifetime Deal (And A Special Upcoming Bonus)

ConvertBox is a super useful tool and honestly I recommend it over any of the competing list building plug-ins for Wordpress. There is an elegance and simplicity to using a hosted solution such as ConvertBox. It just makes life simpler.

As you can see, though, it has uses that go beyond simply opt-in forms. It can be used for much, much more.

Which is also why the fact that you can grab a ConvertBox account with a lifetime membership even more attractive.

Even since I originally wrote my review of ConvertBox, they have added:

  • Multiple conditional targeting rules (as shown)
  • The ability to schedule start and end dates

They’ve also added some new integrations and stuff like that, so the tool keeps getting better than it already is. And that makes the lifetime license a pretty swell deal.

Now, I am making some pretty substantial changes and improvements to THE LAB (my own membership site). And one of them is the addition to a whole line of training courses specifically on the tools of the trade. And so…

I will be making a short training course soon on ConvertBox.

It isn’t going to cover the obvious stuff. Instead, I’m going to show you some best practices and tricks that I’ve learned with the tool. I’m going to help you get over that “blank slate” problem when you have a new account… so that you can really embrace the power of your ConvertBox account.

Now, this course isn’t ready yet. But, if you purchase ConvertBox via the Blog Marketing Academy and forward me your receipt, we will hook you up with the course FOR FREE. I will also help support you as you get ramped up.

Until it is completed, we will simply add you to our list to get access as soon as the course is posted.

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