Issue #84

A conversion-focused Contact Us page [Part 1]

In the business world, there’s the common concepts of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). But, perhaps we should redefine this to H2H: Human to Human.

After all, people tend to forget that all the decision makers in this world are human beings. Real flesh-and-blood people.

And, in this day and age where you can’t call a company without going through a big phone menu (and we all just dial 0 anyway to try to reach the operator, right?)… people just want human-to-human contact.

Business is driven by conversations. Those conversations could take place on the phone, via email, in Facebook Messenger, on Twitter. There are numerous platforms that people may use to communicate.

Those conversations are what drive business. Those conversations could be:

  • A person with a casual question. They might not even be ready to buy from you right now, but the fact that you answered the question in a personal way rather than with a pre-formatted response makes it more likely they’ll buy from you when they are ready.
  • A person with a question about one of your products. It is almost impossible for a sales page or a sales video to answer every question a person could possibly have. Conversations are what closes sales.

This is a human business.

Your business should be as open and welcoming to any and all conversations as it can possibly be. For this reason…

Your contact page is a core component of conversions and sales, just like any landing page.

So, with that in mind, let’s discuss how to make a great ‘Contact Us’ page.

What To Do On Your ‘Contact Us’ Page

As I said before, what you DON’T want to do with your contact page is just throw up an email address or a form and forget about it. That’s not personal. It’s lazy.

We want to put a bit more thought into this page.

So, let’s discuss some strategies to keep in mind for your contact page…

#1 – Keep It Personal

One of the more annoying things I see on contact pages is the effort to look more corporate or bigger than you actually are. In my opinion, this is “old school” marketing where people think size equals better. But, these days, people want to do business with people, not inhuman corporations.

Remember, this is human to human. So, talk to them like they are real people. Because… they are.

Introduce them to your contact page. Welcome them to contact you. Make them feel invited. And talk to them like a real person would talk. Don’t use the word “we” if it is just you.

#2 – Show Them A Photo Of Who They’re Talking To

In keeping with the “human to human” thing, people like to know who they’re about to interact with. So, show them a photo of yourself. If it is a team, then show photos of the team members.

Don’t hide behind “departments”. People hate that crap. If you indeed have a larger company with departments, you can still make those departments more real with team photos. ScheduleOnce does a nice job by including photos of their team members. If you hover over them, you get little quirky details about them which make them more human.

(we’ll continue this tomorrow)

– David

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