Issue #30

[GROW-14] Making something out of nothing

It is really easy to assume that in order to make sales, you have to make something first to sell.

I mean, it seems so “duh”, right?

But, it just isn’t true. You can most definitely sell something without making it first. In fact, I strongly recommend it. 🙂

When Lab members follow the Roadmap, by the time they get to the end of Phase 2, they will have already made their first sale. What they would not have yet done (necessarily) is created a product, or even written a blog post.

This isn’t some kind of magical power. It is just doing a pre-sale.

That’s our high-leverage activity to grow your business for today. #14 in our series is: Prepare a pre-sale.

Sell It Before You Make It

There’s a very distinct difference between a product and an offer. The offer is the part that non-customers see. The product is the delivery part. You can most definitely prepare and present the offer first.

A pre-sale offer is when you present an offer for a product which doesn’t exist yet. You’re saying you WILL make it, and you’re giving them an option to buy early. Usually for a nice discount and some extra perks. I like to position it as a live class or something similar, where I will just make that product right in front of them and release it to them as I make it. Also, there are benefits to them participating in the process since they’ll have direct influence in the direction of the content and more access to you.

Now, if the pre-sale offer doesn’t sell, you just saved yourself a lot of time. If it does, then it is a proven concept. Make the product and deliver on your promises. But, in the future, you can sell a completed product.

I’ll end today – and the week (since it’s Friday) with this….

The whole point of this series has been how to make the most headway in the least possible time. I went into it envisioning somebody who is trying to grow their online business and blog, but has a full-time job and a family. Time seems scarce, and if anything, you only have nights and weekends to work on this project. And, if we’re being honest, you probably don’t want to spend all your nights and weekends doing this either. 🙂

When time is short, you have to spend your available time on what matters – and only on what matters. (click to tweet this)

What matters, REALLY, if you are indeed working to grow a real online business is…. SALES.

Once the sales begin, suddenly things get much easier – and more fun!

And let me tell you, it changes the whole game when you can get an idea to market and potentially make sales right away.

This doesn’t have to take months of lead-up time and burning the midnight oil.

Doing a pre-sale is the way to go, in most cases.

There’s a reason why The Lab’s Roadmap is built this way and doesn’t focus on blogging in the beginning.


Enjoy your weekend! Me? I’ll be working on our home remodeling project some more. 🙂

– David

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