Happy Thanksgiving – and a personal note

The fact that I get to do this for a living is a serious case of irony.

I mean, I was a big loner in high school. A socially inept nerd. I was afraid to wear shorts or even short sleeves for a couple years because of a fear of exposure. In a symbolic kind of way, it was actually a shield between me and the world.

To fast-forward all these years and be in a business where “social” is the name of the game, where I make a living via communication and, yes, shorts and sandals are a basic staple of my existence…. MY! what a journey.

I’ve changed as a person since then. A lot of it is because of things I have done personally, while making a few leaps into the unknown and seeing that it worked out OK. But, a lot of it was fueled by the Internet. By people reading my sites.

By you.

After all, you read my blog, read my tweets, get my emails. I mean, if you guys didn’t pay any attention to what I did online, I’d be doing something completely different for a living.

Given what I went to college for, I have no doubt I’d spend my days in a cubicle somewhere… in some IT department of a corporation, staring at code or administering databases. The highlight of my week would be casual Fridays.

Instead, I get to run a business I love from my home office. I have traveled the country meeting awesome people and speaking (although I don’t do that as much anymore). I get to travel the country in our motorhome, giving my kids an experience most don’t get, and can run my business from the motorhome.

In short, I’m just beyond humbled that I am in the position that I am. I am routinely floored when I find out that this little thing I do from a spare bedroom of my house actually has so much influence outside of my house. I KNOW that so many others in this position feel the same way. Hell, there are a lot of people who have a LOT more influence than I do. I’m small potatoes compared to some. But, the very fact that I have it at all – amazing.

I don’t take any of it for granted. And I don’t take YOU for granted.

I live a blessed life, but I know that my ability to do that is only a result of how well I serve you and how well I continue to earn your attention and your business.

So, I just wanted to say today…

If you are one of my hundreds of Lab members, THANK YOU for your business, your trust and your digital friendship. My aim every day is to continue to earn that.

And if are not a Lab member yet, but are a reader of my blog or this new venture here we’re calling The Daily, THANK YOU for your trust. You’re awesome.

So, thanks for being there. My aim is to continue to help you guys as much as you help me.

– David