I broke my office

Do you keep a clean, streamlined workspace?

This is actually one of the major reasons why I’m tearing my office apart and putting it back together again – humpty dumpty style.

I’m looking to put together a workspace that…

  • Streamlines production
  • Minimizes clutter
  • Motivates

I’ve always had a pretty decent home office, however I’ve never really taken the time to DESIGN it. It has usually been a result of whatever furniture I happened to have. 🙂 But, this time around, I’m actually spending time planning it from scratch.

See, I think one of the things which enhances productivity is the space in which we do it.

First, your workspace should motivate you. To breed success, it helps to have a space worthy of success. Having a nicely decorated and put together office helps with that. It is kind of like how people will usually behave and act differently when they’re dressed up nicely. Environment matters.

Also, you can put things in the office which motivate. Perhaps pictures of your family, things you want to do and have. Really personalize the space. This is much nicer than buying some bulk print art from Walmart. 😉

Your workspace will ideally also minimize clutter. You shouldn’t need to store things out in the open. Your desk should be free and clear. Wires should be hidden. Obviously, none of this is REQUIRED, but it helps. Clutter breeds overwhelm and confusion – which can be a death knell for an entrepreneur! So, clean and minimalist is better.

Lastly, your workspace should be streamlined for better productivity. Case in point…

I need a better video setup in my office. This is one of my missions for this office redo. I want to be able to produce a decent looking video without any prep time to get out equipment, set it up, set up lighting, or any of that. So, one of my goals is to have a video set which is always there, ready to go. Yet… not take up much space.

I can talk more about how I do this later on. 🙂 Quite frankly, once I get it all figured out. 😉

But, your workspace should be designed to facilitate the work you do.

All these are reasons why I’ve torn apart my office. When it all comes back together again, it will be much more custom to ME and my needs.

And it’ll help with some of my plans for 2018. 🙂

So, take a bit of time and evaluate the space in which you work. Where do you blog? Where do you work on your online business? Evaluate the space and see how you can make it better FOR YOU.

I’d love to hear your ideas, too! Reply back and let me know!

– David