Issue #212

Selling from your heels?

The other day, I was reviewing somebody’s front-end offer. The central portion of the landing page for it was a video of him talking. And I noticed something…

He was not portraying any confidence in his offer.

In fact, he was practically apologizing for making it. He started off by saying he wasn’t trying to make a quick buck, saying it wasn’t a scam, etc. I mean, who puts forth a good offer by leading off with the fact that it isn’t a scam?

I call this “selling from your heels”. It is delivering a sales message while leaning back, almost propitiating to your prospect for even making the offer.

The interesting thing is that this guy’s page actually converted. It didn’t convert well, but he did make sales with it. Which tells me… it’s probably a good offer! He’s got something here! And it would be improved if he just changed how the offer was presented.

But, he is in no way alone. I’ve seen this many times over the years. And that’s because… it can be uncomfortable to try to seek money from somebody. It just… feels weird. And, I get it! 🙂

To make sales, though, you have to analyze – and solve – the underlying insecurity about salesmanship. Salesmanship gets a bad name because of the ones who get all pushy about it. But, even deeper than that, it is because those pushy salesman were pushing an offer which isn’t right for the prospect.

If the thing being offered is truly right for the person seeing it… and it will truly help them… then you don’t have to be pushy. In fact, it would be a disservice NOT to offer it to them.

If your offer will truly HELP them, then that’s what it is: HELP. The fact that you are asking for exchange for it is simply how things work. If the exchange of energy isn’t a two-way flow, everything falls apart. You cannot continue to offer such help… and quite frankly, they likely won’t get the value from it. Because, there’s no exchange.

Money is simply a form of energy. People make a really big deal out of it and make it all complicated and something that brings up all kinds of weird emotions, but at it’s simplicity, it is simply a form of energy. A form of energy that we all accept, that is mutually agreed upon… and that’s why the world operates with it. Otherwise, there would be no exchange of good and services and, frankly, little to no society.

So, putting a price tag onto a true offer of help is nothing to shy away from. But, in all cases, the truly important thing is that your offer is in their best interests and will truly help them.

So, if you find yourself selling from your heels, stop and ask yourself:

  • Is this truly something that will help them?
  • Is it in their best interests?

And, if you have doubts about that, fix it. You can make the offer better and tweak it so that you have all the confidence that if they buy that thing from you, they will truly find it helpful toward what they’re trying to achieve.

When I present THE LAB to somebody here at the Blog Marketing Academy, I am not apologetic. Because, I know full well to the fiber of my being that the value delivered inside the LAB is much greater than the price I am asking. I OVER-DELIVER in there. And I put a lot of work and personal time into that delivery. If anything, the job of my marketing is to effectively communicate the value that is there so that they see it, too. But, there’s not a doubt in my mind that The Lab is in their best interest… If they’re truly wanting to build up a blog-based business.

That’s how YOU want to feel about your offer, too.

When you do, there’s no discomfort about making your offer.

I know there can still be that element of confidence just putting yourself out there like that. I get that, too. But, when you feel good about the offer you’re making, you can take some confidence from that. It makes it easier. And, you won’t feel the need to act meek or understated when it comes time to present your offer to a potential buyer.

– David

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